(Photos) So You Know It’s Real: Benji Madden Got Cameron Diaz’s Name Tattooed

Benji Madden x Cameron Diaz

After the pair tied the knot earlier this year, Benji Madden has let Cameron Diaz know it’s even more real – by tattooing the actress’ name across his chest.

The former Good Charlotte rocker took to Instagram last night to show off the new ink, which was stylized lettering over a detailed depiction of a heart.

Benji captioned his photo: “Thinking bout you❤❤❤ #LuckyMan” Too cute! Check out the tattoo in the gallery.

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(Photos) Looks Like Iggy Azalea Got Rid Of That A$AP Rocky Tat Once And For All!

A$AP Rocky x Iggy Azalea

We all know the story of the A$AP Rocky tattoo on Iggy Azalea by now. The two were dating back when they first came on the scene in 2011, and things apparently got so serious, Iggy tattooed the words “Live Love A$AP” on her fingers as an ode to her man (since it was the title of his mixtape.) When things didn’t work out, however, she crossed out the “A$AP”, leading to obvious blog posts and subsequently, her spazzing out on the media for focusing their attention on it.

Clearly she didn’t enjoy the subject being a topic of conversation, and I’m willing to bet it’s because she was probably still a little salty over it. She eventually opened up about the situation with Complex Magazine, discussing the tattoo, whether she regrets the relationship and just how serious they were.

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(Photos) So You Know It’s TRILL: Omarion & His Girlfriend Get Matching Name Tats

Omarion x Apryl Jones

Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones know it’s “trill” now, as they’ve both tatted each other’s names on their bodies. Taking to their Instagram pages with the hashtag #TattMyNameSoYouKnowItsTRILL, O flaunted his boo’s new neck tat of his nom de plume, while Apryl followed suit showing off her name on her baby daddy’s back. Here’s the thing, though – Apryl writes her name with a Y on everything…and O’s tattoo spells it as April. Uh, was there a horrible mistake there oooor is that how her name is really spelled and she just likes to be ‘different’ on social media?

Either way, it’s never the smartest thing to tat ANYONE’s name but your own blood on you, especially on such a noticeable place like your neck, but that’s none of my business! Pics in the gallery.

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(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes Reveals Which Tattoo He Regrets The Most


Gotta be careful of those tattoos — think before you ink (even though I love tats)! Clippers baller Matt Barnes admits that he’s not proud of all of his — in fact, there’s one piece of ink that he hated so much, he HAD to go out and get it covered up.
Check out what he had to say…

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(VIDEO) NFL: Brandon Flowers Gets Tattoo To Back Up Claim He’s Best CB in League


Brandon Flowers recently said he’s the best cornerback in the NFL. He’s so confident in his claim that he decided to get a tattoo to permanently back it up.

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(Video) Finally! Adrienne Bailon Removes Her Rob Kardashian Tattoo

Adrienne Bailon removes her tattoo

Adrienne Bailon and Rob Kardashian dated from 2007 through 2009, and during that time, each got the others’ name tattooed on them – Rob on his rib cage, Adrienne on her booty. Though Adrienne has tried laser removal twice in the years since in an attempt to remove the ink, neither times have worked, but finally, a new procedure gave the singer/actress the results she’s been looking for, and Extra caught it all on camera!

“What I love about the PicoSure laser is that it actually can work on people who’ve attempted to remove their tattoos and it hasn’t worked before,” Adrienne said. “This one is definitely the one to try. I actually had two [previous laser] sessions before this and I’d come home and see no difference.” Check out the video below. I wonder if Rob has removed his? Hmm!

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(PHOTOS) NFL: Colin Kaepernick Gets Interesting $126 Million Post-Extension Tattoo


Ironic for a man that that just signed a $126 million contract?!  49ers QB Colin Kaepernick took to Instagram to show off some new ink he got and he shared the meaning behind it.  Check it out…

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Kevin Durant Gets A New Leg Tattoo – Check Out The Close-Up Pic & The Meaning of the Tat


Kevin Durant got some new ink recently and showed it off on Instagram — even though fans couldn’t really tell what it was.  Good thing he did an interview where he explained what it is, what it means to him & showed what it looks like up-close.
Check it out & let us know what you think…

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(Photos) Beyonce Removes Jay Z Tattoo; Solange Posts Pic With Bey To Instagram

Solange's Instagram post

It’s like, the more we find out about the Solange x Jay Z x Beyonce drama – the less we know! That doesn’t even make sense, but nothing really does at this point. We still don’t know what went on in that elevator without the audio (that we’re never going to get), so all we can do is speculate based on the moves that the three are making…and they’re ALL cryptic. For starters, Beyonce went with Solange after the party, seemingly siding with her sister in the fight. But then Solange reportedly deleted all photos of her big sis from her Instagram, seemingly showing signs of a rift between the two…especially because meanwhile, Bey was sitting courtside with her man at various games. But then – Bey posted a bunch of photos of her and her sis in recent times to her Instagram (four consecutively, to be exact) so we’re like okay…they’re cool or nah? Now today, Solange has followed suit using Throwback Thursday as her inspiration, and meanwhile…it’s been discovered that both Beyonce and Jay Z have removed their matching ‘IV’ tattoos they got before their wedding – though it’s unclear if they’ve faded over time or were purposely lasered off. A photo of Beyonce earlier this year with a bandaid on that finger seems to speak to the latter, though. Aye, I’m just so lost!

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(Photos) Damn, MGK Fans Go Hard To Show Their Devotion! Check Out Some Of Their Dope Tattoos!

EST tattoos

Machine Gun Kelly may not have a huge radio hit at the moment, but he’s been touring the world with sold out shows…thanks to his hardcore fan base. Much like the underground king Tech N9ne or even Joe Budden (sans the L&HH thing), MGK’s fans go HARD for their favorite artist, and show their devotion through attending the shows…and getting tatted up! Just skimming through K’s Instagram page, I grabbed a bunch of pics he shares on his ‘Fan Fridays,’ and there’s some dope stuff in there! Check out some of the EST fam’s ink in the gallery. Lace up!

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