Behind The Lyrics: Did Pusha T Diss Drake Once Again On “HGTV”?

Pusha T and Drake’s rivalry goes back a bit, stemming originally from Pusha’s beef with Lil Wayne that started a decade ago during the “Mr. Me Too” era. Push has never been shy about letting Drizzy know he’s got bars for him, but Drake has been careful to never reply. Push isn’t stopping, though, and fired off a few more subs on last week’s “HGTV.”

(Video) Meek Mill/Beanie Sigel/Omelly Studio Session Leaks Of Making Game Diss Track

Video footage has now surfaced of Meek Mill’s “OOUUU” remix studio session to diss the Game.

(Video) Boxing: Adrien Broner Releases Floyd Mayweather TMT Diss Track & Panda Remix “Slammer”

Aside from boxing, Adrien Broner loves to rap and released a new ummm interesting track.  He released a new song called “Slammer”; it’s a remix of Desiigner’s hit song “Panda” and is a diss track for TMT and Broner’s former big brother Floyd Mayweather.

(Audio) Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Nephew Fires Back At B.o.B In A Diss Track Over “Back To Back”

This whole situation is just getting out of hand. B.o.B has officially made his flat earth conspiracy theory a rap beef. In case you missed it, B.o.B was on Twitter trying to convince his followers that the earth was flat. After being corrected by respected astrophysicist and author Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the rapper dropped a diss track aimed at Tyson titled, “Flatline.” Everything would have been cool if that was the end of it, however Tyson’s nephew came to his uncle’s aide and dropped a diss record of his own. While he’s definitely not the greatest rapper, he gets his point across as he spits over Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ for the record he calls ‘Flat to Fact.’ Take a listen below.

C-Murder Apologizes For 2 Chainz Diss Track; Calls It A “Misunderstanding”

Last week, the incarcerated C-Murder put out a diss track toward 2 Chainz titled “2 Stainz,” as he was upset that 2 Chainz was running with the word “TRU,” which Murder says he started. 2 Chainz immediately reacted to the diss, but instead of being mad or even creating a record back, he was actually excited that a rapper he was once a huge fan of cared enough to acknowledge him. (Obviously he was being a bit trolly, but it was still a mature response nonetheless.) Perhaps seeing that his diss did nothing but make him look crazy, C-Murder has now changed his mind, and he’s calling the whole thing “a misunderstanding.” In a text sent to 2 Chainz via one of Murder’s associates, the beef was called off, and 2 Chainz is cool with it. “For y’all in my comments it’s all Good, communication is key,” 2 Chainz wrote with a screen shot of the text message on Instagram. “Most ppl don’t listen to understand they listen to reply …let’s Build that’s what it’s all about. Much Luv to C Murder.” Check out the text in the gallery.

(Video) Ja Rule Details His Top Diss Tracks Of All Time

In a recent interview with VladTV, Ja Rule broke down his favorite diss records of all time. He quickly rattled off some of hip-hops most well respected diss tracks like, Boogie Down Productions’ “The Bridge is Over,” Nas’ “Ether,” Tupac’s “Hit Em Up,” Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya” — and Jay Z’s “Takeover.” However the conversation got a little more interesting when Ja Rule named Drake’s “Back to Back” his “sixth man off the bench.” Check out what he had to say below.

UPDATE: (Video +Photos) Tony Yayo and Irv Gotti Join In Meek Mill & 50 Cent Beef!

‘Gave Him Hope’ is a track from Meek Mill’s latest mixtape featuring quite defaming lyrics suggesting that a certain person is not who he says he is and may be homosexual. It’s clear that the jabs being taken are at 50 Cent, so 50 took to Instagram to make it clear that he hears the shots and he’s not running. 50 Cent stated that Meek Mill’s career is over and said he may as well get Nicki pregnant and collect child support, sheesh! Things are heating up very quickly, with 50 even posting an illustration of him knocking Meek out. It’s unclear if that should be taken as a threat, but lets just hope this stays in the music! See the video after the jump!

(Audio) Bill Cosby Accuser Chloe Goins Records Diss Track After D.A. Throws Out Case

Just last week, the L.A. District Attorney threw out two of the cases brought against Bill Cosby. One of those cases involved, Chloe Goins who filed claims that Cosby had drugged and raped her during a 2008 Playboy Mansion party. The case was thrown out for several reason including, Cosby had an alibi and the statute of limitations had run out. Chloe Goins was clearly upset by the ruling and chose to channel her anger by recording a diss track, titled “Bill Cosby: Diss Record”. According to reports, Goins recorded the song in Southern California under the alias ‘Chlo-Chlo.’ The song includes the lyrics;

“Hey Bill, I guess you think you’re pretty slick. Making sure you drugged us, thinking that we would forget ya. But we didn’t, and now everybody knows.”

Take a listen below.

Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ Makes History As The First Grammy-Nominated Diss Track

To say the least, 2015 was an exciting year for Hip-Hop. Back in July, Drake released a second diss track aimed at Meek Mill, which turned into a hit record over night. In fact, the track gained so much popularity, that Monday when the 58th Annual GRAMMY Awards nominations were revealed, ‘Back to Back’ was among the nominees for Best Rap Performance. Read more below.

(Video+Photo) Houston Rapper Is Really Coming For Drake In This New “Wack To Wack” Diss

Drake is under fire once again by Houston rapper Sauce Walka; this time in a diss track over his own beat. Walka has taken Drake’s “Back to Back” beat, originally used in a response to Meek Mill, and made it his own titling the song ‘Wack to Wack’. Walka has a lot to say in the track calling the Toronto born rapper a phony and even insinuating that the he may have contracted an STD from Love & Hip Hop star Johnni Blaze.

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