(Video) Jay Electronica Fires Jabs Drake & J. Cole At London Show

Jay Electronica

He still hasn’t put an album out despite signing to Roc Nation back in 2010, but Jay Electronica sure has a lot to say about other people!

The outspoken rapper performed in London last night at XOYO, and had a few jabs to take at both Drake and J. Cole.

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(Photos) NBA: Jimmy Butler Talks About Dealing With Derrick Rose


When a team isn’t winning, there are bound to be disagreements among players and staff alike. It has been well publicized that Jimmy Butler and D. Rose are not the best of friends and recently, Jimmy talked about attempting to work things out.

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Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’ Has Officially Been Certified Platinum


Check mate.

Looks like this beef with Meek Mill was just what Drake needed, as the extra attention turned into more record sales, pushing If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late back into the top 10 on the Billboard 200 – and officially giving Drake another platinum plaque.

This is also dope, because it marks the first platinum-certified release of 2015 thus far. Congrats, Drizzy!

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Birdman Claims He Had Nothing To Do With Tour Bus Shooting And Lil Wayne Knows It

BIrdman & Wayne

Birdman is well aware that the man who was charged in the tour bus shooting incident is now pointing the finger at him, claiming that the financial and legal dispute between Baby and Lil Wayne is what lead to the shooting. However, the Cash Money co-founder says he doesn’t care what the alleged shooter, Jimmy Winfrey is saying because Lil Wayne knows he wasn’t involved.

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(Audio+ Video + Photos) UPDATE: Meek Says F*ck Philly Rapper, Ar-Ab And He Fires Back!


UPDATE: And so it begins. Just yesterday, a video surfaced of Meek on the Pink Print Tour taking shots at a fellow Philly rapper Ar-Ab and as expected, Ab followed up but not on Twitter or just talking in a video, he brought some bars to the table. Ab goes in over Drake’s ‘Back To Back’ and he definitely takes some very personal shots at Meek. It looks like the attention–for now at least– has swayed from Meek v. Drake to Meek V. Ar-Ab. Check the post to hear the freestyle!

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(Video) Is This Meek Mill’s New Diss Track Towards Drake?!


It seems like the rapid-fire shots going back and forth between Drake and Meek Mill aren’t dying down anytime soon. Not long after Drake completely demolished Meek at OVO Fest and debuting his third diss track “3Peat,” Meek is apparently preparing to strike back with a new diss track. During his show earlier tonight, Meek performed his alleged response to Drake. Watch the video after the jump!

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(Photos) 50 Cent Calls Ja Rule A “F**king Punk” After New Feuds Ignites The Old



…and it begins. Ja Rule responds to the madness coming from 50 Cent. Looks like the two will be bringing that old s**t into the one five.

“This ho has a lot of balls!!!,” Ja Rule begins. “Unfortunately, she also has a pussy. Shut up before somebody put a dick in ya mouth [insert eggplant emoji.” Oh, it’s getting nasty out in these here hip-hop streets.


Boy-oh-Boy! This seemingly everlasting feud between Meek Mill and Drake seems to have brought back old feelings for two artists that were in their shoes some years ago. Meek Mill’s diss song to Drake consisted of a reminder in the 50 Cent versus Ja Rule squabble.

This morning [Tuesday, August 4], after revealing how he feels on the latest hip-hop beef, 50 added that he has not forgot about a certain interview that Ja Rule did. Now, he has something to say.

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(Video) KING PETTY: Drake Spotted Wearing ‘Free Meek’ T-Shirt During #OVOFEST Warm Up!

Drake wearing a "Free Meek Mill" shirt

Drizzy is definitely going in for the KILL! A video was caught of Drake going over his set list for tonight’s perfomance at OVOFest and he was seen wearing a ‘Free Meek’T-Shirt!

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(Video) About That Time The Meek Mill & Drake Beef Was Used In A Pastor’s Sermon


While many [me] are over the Drake and Meek Mill squabble, the entire fiasco had a higher purpose. A pastor used the highly publicized back-and-forth between the two rappers as a lesson in Israelites [Drake] versus the Hebrews [Meek].

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A$AP Rocky Speaks On Drake + Meek Mill Beef: “There Had To Be A Loser”


While the music world is on the edge of their seats trying to figure out if Drake is going to come back with a third diss track, rappers, artists and fans from all backgrounds have chimed in and given their opinion on Drake and Meek Mill‘s war. After the Philly rapper accused Drake of having a ghost writer fans and artists alike have been taking sides, some think Drake lost because his reference tracks were leaked, and other think Meek’s diss track caused him to lose. It’s been an interesting week to say the least.Following his set at Lollapalooza A$AP Rocky weighed in on the beef, if ghostwriters matter and who he thinks took the L.

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