(Photos) Spoiled Tea: Cheryl Lynn & Anita Baker Go At It On Twitter

Cheryl Lynn vs Anita Baker

Man, social media is really a gift and a curse. While it satisfies many peoples’ natural appetite for being nosy and getting the gossip – do we really want to see two veterans have a shade war on Twitter? Not particularly!

Last night, singer Cheryl Lynn – who’s best known for her 1978 hit “Got To Be Real” – was quite taken aback when she found out that Anita Baker had blocked her on Twitter, so she decided to let off a series of tweets on the matter.

“Really girl, I thought we were cool. I guess I should’ve known something was up when you ignored me. What did I ever do to you? Oh, I get it probably cuz I will sing you down on the stage is that it? I’ve been nothing but sweet to you, and I get blocked. I thought we were good. Its crazy how your truly colors came out. We’re too OLD to be petty, just call me and we can settle this like adults. Ppl look up to us. We’re OG’S in this biz.”

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(Photos) A$AP Mob Member Pokes Fun At Rita Ora On Twitter After Rocky Diss

A$AP Rocky x Rita Ora

Upon releasing his sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP. this week, fans quickly gravitated toward the album cut “Better Things” – as the tea he spilled on Rita Ora was just TEW. MUCH!

“I swear that b*tch Rita Ora got a big mouth,” Rocky raps on the track. “Next time I see her might curse the b*tch out/Kicked the b*tch out once cause she b*tched out/Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the b*tch bounce.”

Since then, the Harlem rapper has explained that he didn’t mean to put Rita down, but was simply expressing his frustration due to the fact that he did indeed mess with Rita…but it was while he was still with Chanel Iman, and Rita’s blabbing apparently led to their breakup. Doesn’t make it right…but I get it.

Either way, now his A$AP Mob members are getting in on the fun, and Twelvy took to Twitter to take a quick jab at the UK songstress as well. Poor girl! Check out his tweet in the gallery.

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Behind The Lyrics: A$AP Rocky Comes For Rita Ora’s NECK On “Better Things”

A$AP Rocky x Rita Ora

Last night, A$AP Rocky released his sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP. as a surprise a week before its scheduled release date. Though I’m ALL the way here for this Lil Wayne collaboration “M’$”, it’s “Better Things” that has everyone’s tongues wagging!

“I swear that b*tch Rita Ora got a big mouth,” Rocky raps on the track. “Next time I see her might curse the b*tch out/Kicked the b*tch out once cause she b*tched out/Spit my kids out, jizzed up all in her mouth and made the b*tch bounce.”

Oh my! I wonder what happened behind-the-scenes to make the normally docile Harlem rapper go off like this! So far, no word from Rita. A.L.L.A. is available on iTunes now.

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(Photos) What The Heck Happened To The Weeknd?! Why Is His Head Gushing Blood?

The Weeknd

The Weeknd must have had a very turnt up Memorial Day weekend! Taking to his Instagram just a little while ago, the Toronto singer shared a selfie – featuring a cameo of BLOOD pouring from his forehead. Even more interesting, he added no back-story…and he’s deleted every other photo from his page.

Did he hit his head? Did he get in a fight? Why did he delete all of his other pictures? Why didn’t he tell us what happened? Why is this guy so weird? So. Many. Questions. We’ll keep you updated when we get an answer or two!

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(Photos + Video) Hmm…Shouldn’t Chris Brown Be Mad At 50 Cent Over Karrueche Too?!

Karrueche x 50 Cent

We’ve all seen what happened between Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford over the weekend, all because Tyson took a selfie with Chris’ ex, Karrueche Tran. The thing is, Tyson wasn’t the only male celeb that Kae was spending time with this weekend in Vegas, and people want to know – how come Chris isn’t calling out anyone else over it?

A prime example is 50 Cent, who called Karrueche up on stage to hang out with him while they were hosting the same party. Karrueche even posted a photo of herself with Fif, captioning it:

“When 50 brings you on stage and you can’t say no cause.. well it’s 50 lmao @50cent @draislv”

Interestingly enough, Breezy hasn’t said a word about 50, so there are only two possible reasons…

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(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes Wife Gloria Govan Says She Never Slept With Colin Kaepernick


Matt Barnes takes a shot at Colin Kaepernick pretty much any chance he gets but nobody is quite sure why. All we know is there was some perceived level of disrespect and Barnes still holds on to it. Some of the rumors as to the cause of the beef involve Barnes’ wife, Gloria Govan, but she wanted to shoot those down.

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(Photos) Oh Shoot! Did Nicki Minaj Get At Tyga and Kylie Jenner In Her New Video?!


Yesterday afternoon, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé broke the internet when they dropped their music video on TIDAL for their collab on The Pinkprint, “Feeling Myself.”

The video features tons of dope clothing, most of which I’m SURE you’ll be seeing on every Instagram boutique by the end of the week, and consequently, most of the women that you know. One person who probably won’t be rocking anything inspired by this video, though? Kylie Jenner.

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Drake & Diddy Squash Their Beef!

Drake vs Diddy

After beefing with each other for quite some time now, Drake & Diddy have finally decided to put their issues to the side and squash their beef! Back in December, the Hip-Hop mogul put his hands on Drizzy outside of Club LIV in Miami and things got extremely messy. However according to sources, all it took was ONE simple phone call for the two to reconcile. The source also reveals that both Diddy and Drake are booked for various shows, events, award shows and so on in which they’ll have to cross paths, so they figured it is the mature thing to just settle the beef now and move on. Besides, it makes more sense to make money together than to fight.

It is about time!

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(Video) 50 Cent Breaks Down The Reasons For Some Of His Most Infamous Beefs!


Hip-Hop mogul 50 Cent has had some of the most historic rap beefs ever with different artists such as Ja Rule, Rick Ross, Diddy, The Game and many, many others. In a recent interview on The Madd Hatta Show on 97.9 The Box, Fif breaks down each and every reason that he seemed to not quite see eye-to-eye with these fellow emcees. According to him, they all “did it to themselves.” He also weighs in on the recent beef between Young Thug vs. The Game and lets us know his thoughts on their latest public feud.

Get into the full interview below!

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(Photos) Lil Fizz Feuds With Baby Mama On Mothers Day!


Love and Hip Hop Star,Lil Fizz, is getting into a bit of a feud today. Lil Fizz beefs with his baby’s mother even on Mothers Day?

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