(Video) #TBT: Young Thug In 2011 Talking About Wanting To Work With Lil Wayne & Young Money

Young Thug

Young Thug has always made it very clear that Lil Wayne was one of his biggest influences. He has even always voiced his desire to name his debut album Tha Carter IV:

“Carter VI to X, he did one to five, I’m gonna do six to 10,” he said to MTV in 2014.

Now in an interview that has surfaced from 2011, it seems as though the rapper was predicting his future, expressing his desire to work with Wayne and Young Money. Check it out below. Sadly – he’s had to choose sides, and it seems like now his favorite is also his nemesis. Damn!

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(Photos) WOW: Retchy P Tells Wale He Should Have Died Instead Of A$AP Yams; Exchange Ensues

Retchy P x A$AP Yams

Upcoming rapper Retchy P had quite the co-sign from A$AP Yams, who we sadly lost a little over a week ago now. Naturally he’s still in mourning…but he’s doing so in quite a different – and unhealthy – way. Taking to Twitter over the weekend, Retchy decided to randomly come for Wale, telling the MMG rapper that he wishes it was him who’d died instead of his friend Yams. Of course, an exchange ensued, but Wale kept it quite mature. Wale’s MMG brother Fat Trel soon stepped in, threatening Retchy to watch out and that he’d be in NYC soon. Hopefully nothing real comes of this.

I don’t know HOW I’d react if someone on the web was telling me they wished I’d died…but it certainly would have been a LOT less classy than Wale! Check out the exchange in the gallery. Retchy needs to get it together…

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Behind The Lyrics: Lil Wayne Comes For Birdman & Cash Money On ‘Sorry For The Wait 2′ Mixtape

Lil Wayne - Sorry For The Wait 2

With the cover standing as a testament toward the shackles Tha Carter V is under, Lil Wayne makes it loud and clear on Sorry For The Wait 2 that Birdman and Cash Money are the last things he wants in his life right now.

Multiple tracks on the 17-song mixtape are riddled with lines taking aim at his former CEO and estranged label, including his remix of “Coco,” his remix of “You Guessed It” and the previously-released “Sh!t” remix.

“I couldn’t be Jr. forever, I don’t mean to ruffle your feathers,” he rapped on one song. “But I had to spread my wings – ain’t tryna get lemon peppered!”

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(Check The Pics!) Christina Milian Steps Out In A VERY Revealing Dress While Superhead & Wayne Blast Her?

Christina Milian steps out

Christina Milian’s new reality show Christina Milian Turned Up premiered last night on E!, and the singer/reality star was later seen out and about looking good in a tight dress with a super-high slit. However, the drama seems to follow her wherever she goes, and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has continued their little tiff from last week over everyone’s boyfriend, Lil Wayne.

After the ladies exchanged subs over Instagram on the last round, this time Karrine got personal, and shared texts purporting to be from Lil Wayne that seemed to kind of diss his beau Christina. Ouch! Check out the texts in the gallery.

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(Photos) Hmm…Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Over and Firing Shots Already?!

Meek x Nicki

Could Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill (aka OMEEKA) be over before they even really started? Maybe…but maybe not. Both rappers are known to throw subs at whatever situation they’re going through at the moment, and a recent round of photos on their respective Instagram pages seem to speak toward just that. It could also, however, be totally nothing!

Meek first shared a funny photo of Jay Z, captioning it, “Looking at this thot like…,” in reference to Hov’s shocked expression. Nicki soon followed up with a post of a “Thot Card.” Now, this could actually have been the pair poking fun at someone together, but another set of posts from them seemed to speak toward a rift.

After Meek later reposted a meme about walking away from whatever gives you bad vibes, Nicki then posted one of her own that read, “Gift the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence.” What do you think? Shots fired or not so much? Check the posts in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Photos) Cat Fight! Superhead Comes For Christina Milian Over Weezy & Christina Claps Back!

Superhead & Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne is known for not exactly settling down with his women, even when he makes them his bride-to-be (hint: Dhea.) For whatever reason, though, these women still opt to fight over him, and such is the case today with his “girlfriend” Christina Milian and his whatever-you-wanna-call-it, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans.

Following Christina’s interview about Wayne earlier this week, Karrine took to Instagram to get at her over her on-again/off-again flame of many years by posting a picture of street sign that said “Wayne,” and captioning it with, “And most importantly, little girl, be careful not to claim a man who belongs to the world.” Oop!

From there, Christina first clapped back in the comments of The Shade Room, claiming him and dissing her, then took to Instagram with a post of her own. Karrine has now followed up with a long-winded response as well, and you can check them all out in the gallery. Honestly – they all look ridiculous!

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(Video) Christina Milian Speaks On Lil Wayne And Baby Beef!!

IFWT_Christina Milian

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Christina Milian at the Empire premiere and the topic of Lil Wayne and Baby was mentioned. You know that she is signed with Young Money, so it was only right to get her side of things.
More after the jump…

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(Video) Boxing: WHOA! Adrien Broner Comes At Jay Z’s Neck! Verbally Attacks Rihanna As Well!


What the hell got into Adrien Broner?? Out of nowhere it seems he just created a beef for himself with Jay Z & Rihanna of all people. It stems from Broner not being happy with the offer Hov made for him to join Roc Nation Sports and it winds up with him saying Jay can “suck his d*ck”!! He then throws Rihanna in the mix and says she ain’t good for anything but pussy! Is Broner purposely trying to make enemies?? Broner claims Jay was willing to throw $40 million at him for five years but that wasn’t good enough and he felt insulted cause Hov wouldn’t meet personally with Broner. He is just crazy for this.

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(Video) Chubby Jag Speaks On Beef With Meek Mill


Chubby Jag Speaks On Beef With Meek Mill
Chubby Jags a part of the Larceny team, and being that hes an artist signed under Philly Legend Cassidy, He was pretty much in beef with meek mill by default after Meek and Cass’s Fall out going track for track a while back. Chubby Jag spoke about his past beef with Meek Mill in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV . CLICK READ MORE TO CHECK IT OUT !

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(Video) DJ Mustard Speaks On Squashing Beef With YG & How Beefing Helped Them Out

Mustard on YG

YG and DJ Mustard had fans quite upset at the end of 2014, when a little issue between the longtime friends became public, and they ended up beefing it out on Instagram. Luckily a few days later (after a couple jabs and threats), all was well.

Sitting down with MTV this week, Mustard spoke on the rift, and revealed that though his comment that he still hadn’t been paid for his work on YG’s debut MY Krazy Life seemed like a shot at him, it was a shot at Def Jam (as I previously noted, since artists don’t pay people, the label does. Thanks!) The miscommunication was what led to the back-and-forth, but Mustard says it actually helped strengthen their friendship in the end!

We got like, a big, big, big, big entourage, you know what I’m saying? You just got to see who would pick whose side, and you would see who wouldn’t pick each other’s side. You got calls from people – I got calls from people, he got calls from people that would say, “I’m riding with you,” or “I’m riding with YOU,” and at the end of the day it’s like, why are you riding with either one of us? We’re both brothers, we’re supposed to fight and get it over with. If that’s the case, you’re not supposed to ever do that.

Real talk! Check

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