Kelis On Nas: “I Don’t Really Listen To His Music Anyway…”

Nas & Kelis

Both Kelis and her ex-husband Nas are on the promo trail, with the former pushing her new album FOOD and the latter – the 20-year commemorative edition of Illmatic, Illmatic XX. During a recent chat with the NY Times, Kelis was asked about the cover to Nas’ last album, Life Is Good, which infamously featured her wedding dress. The shots she fired in response were way more than just a graze of the skin…she went straight for the dome! Check out her quotes below. Sheesh!

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(Photos) Whoa! 40 Glocc Posts Photos Of Game’s Ex & Their Kids On IG; Claims He’s “Hacked”

40 Glocc vs The Game

Things are getting wild between longtime enemies, The Game and 40 Glocc. The two have a colorful past dating back some years, which includes an on-camera fight, diss tracks and even lawsuits. As The Game goes through a breakup with his fianceé/”Marrying The Game” co-star Tiffney Cambridge, 40 apparently saw it as the perfect time to kick his nemesis while he’s down. Taking to Instagram, 40 has been sharing various images of Game’s ex and his children, with extremely disrespectful accompanying captions. However, 40 has been tweeting continuously that he’s hacked. It doesn’t really make sense though, as one of his tweets say that he doesn’t even know or care about Tami Roman, yet he previously posted about Tami and Tiffney being in a lesbian relationship on his Instagram, and this was weeks before said “hacking.”
The Game has remained rather mum on the social media attack, but did post a photo of a traffic light just a little while ago with the caption, “Green light,” likely in reference to the beef. When you disrespect a man’s family, things can get UGLY, so I’m truly scared about where this will end up. What do you guys think about the situation?

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Sports Beef: Cavs Baller Kyrie Irving Goes Hard at Browns WR Josh Gordon & Josh Responds!

IFWT_Josh Kyrie 1

He’s fed up & Kyrie Irving is speaking his mind!  First he went off at the media saying they have unfairly portrayed him this season.  He  took to Twitter to defend himself against reports that said he wants out of Cleveland.
He also ripped Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon over criticism (details below) — of course Josh heard about it and took to Instagram to respond.  Check it all out…

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The History Of Drake vs. Jay Z [Plus Drizzy's Diss To Chance The Rapper]

Drake x Jay Z x Beyonce

Late last night, Funk Flex premiered a new track from Drake, the Lauryn Hill-sampled “Draft Day,” produced by Boi-1da. On the track, Drake takes a jab at Jay Z…a response to to Jay’s jab from last week…which was in response to Drake’s comments from a few months ago. Confused? I’ll break it down!

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(VIDEO) Sports: YIKES! Wale Allegedly Punches Man at WWE Event After Words Exchanged on Twitter!


C’mon Wale!  Why are you worried about some d*ck on Twitter?!  SMH.
There’s different reports on what exactly happened, but Wale reportedly punched some guy (others say just shoving happened) at WWE Raw Monday night after the guy threatened/taunted Wale on Twitter.  No this isn’t fake.  Security had to break up the fight and then Wale went back to enjoying the show.
Check out the tweets between the two, what fans witnessed, a short video of the altercation & what the guy who threatened Wale said happened AND what Wale said AFTER…

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(Video) NFL: Victor Cruz Reveals He Had Beef With Jay Z Before Signing to Roc Nation Sports

IFWT_Angie Vic 3

Victor Cruz stopped by the Angie Martinez Show on Hot 97 & revealed he had beef with Jay Z before signing to Roc Nation Sports. Kinda a crazy story.
Check it out…

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(Photos) Oh Sh*t! WTF: Ray-J Says A Fan Of His Looks Like An “Ape” & Fans Are PISSED!!!

Ray J

Ray J just pissed off a LOT of fans and disappointed many. Just crazy cause he went out of his way to can a fall “planet of the apes.” On Friday, Ray J Instagrammed the picture of the gallery — writing the caption, “I usually don’t go this hard but … This chick look exactly like a character on Planet of the Apes.” He deleted it then the fan that he targeted (named Tina Chastang) says, she was mortified when he posted the picture up. Tina admits she started the beef with Ray J, posting crazy comments on his Instagram like, “Ray J you are irrelavant. Why dont you stop worry about Kim Kardashian. Why dont you talk about you being gay.” But she insists he didn’t fight fair. Tina claims, “she’s just one voice out of millions of fans — thousands of whom trash talk Ray J on the daily — but he made a mockery of her on a global scale. Tina wants an apology” Sources close to Ray J claim, “This girl is an Instagram bully. She’s been making negative comments on everything Ray J posts for months. He’s been trying to take the high road, but finally decided he needed to give her a taste of her own medicine.”

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Sports: Arian Foster Says KD is Better Than Lil B, Then Makes Hilarious Video Asking Lil B To Not Curse Him


Lil B got people shook out here?!  Nothing to do but laugh at this.  C’mon Arian — LOL, he returns to Twitter and almost got himself cursed.  By now most have heard about the beef between Kevin Durant and Lil B.  Well Arian put himself in the middle when he tweeted that KD has more skills “in the booth and on the court” than Lil B.  Of course fans went crazy and Lil B saw tweet.  Moments later Arian was copping pleas of forgiveness and even created a video (which is just so great).  Close call Arian, close call. Check out how it all went down and the video…

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(Video) Childish Gambino Speaks On Taking Shots At Other Rappers, WSHH & More!


Childish Gambino has taken to a Complex interview during SXSW and discussed his latest projects, taking shots at other rappers and his love hate/hate relationship with World Star Hip Hop! Check out the full interview below.

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NBA: Perfect Response?! Lil B Reacts To Kevin Durant Saying He Doesn’t Know Who Lil B Is


Well damn, Lil B is really keeping track of this beef huh?!?!  His beef with Kevin Durant resurfaced this past weekend when he dropped  a new diss track.  Reporters asked KD about it & he responded by saying he didn’t know who Lil B is.  Welp, Lil B heard what KD had to say and had a kinda perfect response to it — a simple retweet.  Check it out…

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