(Photos) Wiz Khalifa’s New Baddie Likes To Smoke Just As Much As He Does


Amber who? Muva Rose Bud what? Wiz Khalifa has a new woman – or at least a new piece for the moment – in town, and she’s 5’5 with brown eyes. Lol. Okay, she may not be that short, or even have brown eyes, but the girl looks good.

Check out Ms. Yoshi after the jump.

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(Photos) YAY! Amber Rose Brings Baby Bash Back To Social Media Finally!

Amber Rose x Sebastian

Baby Bash, who is the son of both Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, is one of the most adorable kids in the industry. For privacy reasons, Muva Rosebud pulled all of Sebastian’s photos and videos from her social media sites, in which she has millions of followers on. However, baby Bash is back to stay for good now!

Amb posted an adorable video clip of Sebastian that has a caption that reads, “I’ve decided to have my Pumpkin Pie back on Mommy’s Instagram…I thought keeping his pics and videos private would allow him to have a more normal life but apparently that didn’t really work,” she said. “There are pictures posted of him everywhere besides my account. So here u go world! Enjoy my lil smart guy on his Mommy’s page as well.”

Sound off below and let us know if you think as a celebrity, it’s a smarter idea to hide your kids via social media.

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(Video) He’s Baaaack! Guess Which Lil’ Ball Of Cuteness Has Returned To Instagram!

Amber Rose x Sebastian

Amidst the nasty custody battle Amber Rose and her ex, Wiz Khalifa, were close to engaging in earlier this year when they were on bad terms, Amber made the decision to stop sharing photos of her son Sebastian on Instagram.

“I’m keeping my son’s pictures off of social media from now on,” Amber tweeted back in February. “He doesn’t have to be in the middle of these messy fake stories.”

4 months later, a new relationship and better conditions between her and Wiz, Amber has now changed her tune.

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A$AP Rocky Announces 16 Day Trip Tour With Wiz Khalifa

A$AP Rocky x Wiz Khalifa

Calling all Taylors and…Mobbers? (Is that a thing?) Taking to his Twitter page early this morning, A$AP Rocky revealed that he’d be teaming up with Wiz Khalifa for a tour this fall!

The 16 Day Trip Tour goes down this October, and hits various spots throughout the UK and Germany. I hope they bring this over to the States too! Wiz and Rocky toured together on Wiz’s Under the Influence tour in 2013 and it was LIT, so I’m sure this will be as well.

Tickets go on sale this Friday. Full list of dates in the gallery.

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(Photo) MGK Says “Amber Picked Out My Outfit”


MGK opens the 2015 Bet Awards Pre show with a performance and shouts out his lovely lady. It’s no secret that Machine Gun Kelly and Amber Rose are a couple now after the no hope for survival relationship of her and baby daddy Wiz Kalifa. Terrance J makes no hesitation to put him on the spot right after the performance.

In a jokingly manner, asked MGK if he has any lucky lady in his life and he replied without second guessing ! “Amber picked out this outfit !” True or not it was adorable . Cheers to the cute couple and great job on an opening performance MGK !

The Dutchess

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(Video) Sports: Wiz Khalifa Takes Over ESPN’s Sportscenter & Puts On A Show!


ESPN is doing this new thing during Sportscenter called “Center Stage” where artists will be performing. Wiz Khalifa set it off last night before the NBA Draft, and not that he needs it, but it was a good look for him. Wale will be hitting the stage today to perform but he will have to match the energy Wiz had going in the ESPN studios. Not sure if this is just temporary or something they plan on doing for a while, but it’s a nice move on the part of the network.

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(Video) Amber Rose Shows Off The New Ink She Used To Cover Her Wiz Khalifa Tattoo

Amber removes tattoo

Earlier this week, Amber Rose was seen with a bandage over the spot she once had Wiz Khalifa’s face tattooed on her, a pretty clear sign that she was saying bye bye to the ink.

In a video posted last night by Blac Chyna, Amber poses so as to show off what’s covering his face now, though she never actually mentions it. Looks like a pretty good cover-up! Get a closer look in the video below.

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(Photos) Looks Like Amber Rose Is Removing The Tattoo Of Wiz Khalifa!

Amber removes tattoo

Well this is certainly an interesting turn of events! A few weeks back, Amber Rose stopped by Big Boy’s Neighborhood in Los Angeles to promote her forthcoming book, and of course got on to the topic of her ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa. When asked by Big Boy what her plans were for that huge tattoo of his face on her arm now that they’re no longer together, Amber said the following:

I mean, if I’m going to eventually get married to someone else and they feel some type of way about it, then I will [remove it] but… I’m not in a rush. You know, we have a baby together. I think if we didn’t have Bash [it’d be different] but we have Bash and he sees his dad on my arm all the time. So, he’s always just like, ‘Daddy!’ I mean, we still love each other even though we’re not together. We still love each other. We’re still family no matter what. So I’m not really in a rush.

But…Amber was now spotted out in Los Angeles over the weekend with that part of her arm bandaged up…while leaving a famed tattoo removal office. That’s a pretty clear sign that she likely has begun the removal process! So what gives?

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Two Men Plead Guilty For Murdering Wiz Khalifa’s Uncle


It seems as if justice has finally been served after the shooting that took place at a Steak n’ Shake parking lot in Waterfront, Pennsylvania which claimed the life of Wiz Khalifa’s uncle.
Full story below

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(Video) Juicy J Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Rock City – For Everybody


Taylor Gang members Juicy J & Wiz Khalifa share their Ho*s with everybody for the official video “For Everybody”.

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