Behind The Lyrics: Wiz Khalifa Comes For Amber’s Neck On “For Everybody”

Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J - For Everybody

Last night, Juicy J dropped his Wiz Khalifa-assisted single “For Everybody,” and boy did Wiz have some choice words for his ex Amber Rose on the track! And to drive the point home, they included a photo of themselves at his wedding to Amber as the song’s artwork.

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(Photos) Getting Messier…Literally! Wiz’s Team Serves Up Pics Of Amber’s Dirty House For Custody Battle

Amber Rose x Wiz Khalifa x Sebastian

As we reported earlier this week, Wiz Khalifa is gearing up for a custody battle with Amber Rose, as he reportedly feels like his ex-wife is unfit to care for their 1-year-old son, Sebastian, properly. Amongst other things, Wiz alleged the following:

Amber often stays out all night, requiring that relatives and staff take over
The family dog eats its own feces and then licks Sebastian‘s face
When she wakes up she’ll play with the kid for 15 minutes or so and then disappear
Amber and her mom have a volatile relationship, laced with “shouting matches and vulgar exchanges,” which upset the boy. And during the arguments the N word was hurled by Amber‘s mom

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(Photos) Breakup? Kimbella & Juelz Santana Spar Over Tweets

Kimbella vs Juelz

I really hate when couples air their dirty laundry on social media, especially when you know they’re going to get right back together. Just like the last time, Kimbella and Juelz Santana have exchanged words over Twitter today, then took it to Instagram for the final drive home.

It first started with Juelz, who wrote earlier, “Don’t let No Women Cripple U Into Being the Person They What U 2 Be.” Kimbella then shot back, and it was downhill from there. I’m giving these two about a week before they’re right back. Check out the posts in the gallery in the meantime!

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(Photos) Hmm…Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Over and Firing Shots Already?!

Meek x Nicki

Could Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill (aka OMEEKA) be over before they even really started? Maybe…but maybe not. Both rappers are known to throw subs at whatever situation they’re going through at the moment, and a recent round of photos on their respective Instagram pages seem to speak toward just that. It could also, however, be totally nothing!

Meek first shared a funny photo of Jay Z, captioning it, “Looking at this thot like…,” in reference to Hov’s shocked expression. Nicki soon followed up with a post of a “Thot Card.” Now, this could actually have been the pair poking fun at someone together, but another set of posts from them seemed to speak toward a rift.

After Meek later reposted a meme about walking away from whatever gives you bad vibes, Nicki then posted one of her own that read, “Gift the gift of your absence to those who do not appreciate your presence.” What do you think? Shots fired or not so much? Check the posts in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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Behind The Lyrics: Ciara Goes In On Future On “I Bet”

Ciara & Future

Yesterday afternoon we shared Ciara’s new song “I Bet,” so after you let it rock for a little while in your playlist, now I want to go over the lyrics!

If you’ll recall, CiCi was relatively quiet on the music front for the last couple of years, since after the success of her 2013 hit “Body Party,” she soon got pregnant with her son with Future and took time off to be a mommy. Now that the relationship with Baby Future’s dad has long since fizzled and she’s had plenty of QT with her little one, the fierce mama is ready to get back to work, and she’s sparing NO feelings on her comeback track!

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(Photos + Video) Chris Brown Spotted Driving Karrueche’s Car

Chris Brown & Karrueche

Oh Chris Brown and Karrueche, when will you two stop this back and forth?! For the one millionth time, the infamous couple are currently split up after a nasty war of words on social media a few weeks back, but as we’ve come to expect with them, they’ll be back together eventually…and it seems like it’s going to be sooner than later!

Despite reports that Breezy is secretly joining the Kardashian krew by dating Kendall Jenner, and despite the fact he was grinding all up on Amber Rose over the weekend at the club, the bad boy singer was spotted driving none other than Karrueche’s Audi on a Los Angeles highway earlier this week.

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Tyga Blasts TMZ For False Story About Wanting Full Custody Of His Son

Tyga x Blac Chyna x King Cairo

Earlier today, TMZ published a report stating that Tyga is gearing up to file for full custody of his son, King Cairo, that he shares with ex Blac Chyna. In the report, it says that the Last Kings rapper was fed up with Chyna’s twerking for the ‘Gram and constant club-hopping, fearing that she’d lost focus of what really matters (King,) and she was unfit to continue to be the primary parent. His major thing, it says, was that he certainly did not want his child being raised by nannies while Chyna is off doing what she does.

It left many people scratching their heads, though, because it was really like the pot calling the kettle black. While having a mom that twerks and parties isn’t the greatest, neither is having a stepmom-in-training that is merely 15 years older than you. And as we all can see, lil’ Kylie Jenner has no plans of going anywhere for a while.

Welp, turns out that TMZ kind of jumped the gun on the story, as Tyga quickly took to Twitter to reply to them, calling them crazy and accusing them of lying “for ratings for Yall weak ass show.” Hmm…do you think the report really was “false,” or is T-Raww trying to cover his tracks because Chyna didn’t know that he had planned to file? Check the tweet in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(Photos) We Saw This Coming: Chris Brown & Karrueche Are Hanging Out Again

Chris Brown and Karrueche

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran have only been broken up for like a week, and they’re already on the road to reconciliation. “I’m so shocked that Chris and Karrueche are going to get back together this time!” said no one ever.

Last weekend, things got pretty messy between the on-again/off-again couple, with Breezy taking to Instagram to accuse Kae of only riding for him simply when it’s convenient, going on dates with Drake, participating in threesomes and more. He later apologized, but needless to say, Karrueche wasn’t pleased, and vowed on Twitter that this breakup would be their last. Unsurprisingly, she lied.

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(Photo) It’s A Wrap!! Scaff Beezy Confirmed Break Up With Nicki Minaj On Twitter!!

It’s officially over between Nicki Minaj and her man of over a decade, Scaff Beezy. We already knew for some time now, and especially after Beezy covered up his Nicki tattoo’s that something was wrong in paradise.
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Chris Brown Sends Out An Apology For Slamming Karrueche Tran On Twitter; She On The Other Hand Is Not Fazed


Alcohol is a helluva boast juice. Over the weekend, Chris Brown used his Between the Sheets touring platform as a way to announce his separation with on-again off-again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran. After spouting “I’m single, f**k that b***h,” Chris and Tran go back and forth over social media – with Chris claiming Tran had a relationship with Drake and then some.

The “Dangerous” singer in now apologizing (sobering up, clearly), but Karrueche is befriending a Mai Tai and not worrying about a damn thing.

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