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(Photos) More Subs? Karrueche Posts An Interesting Meme On Instagram!

Chris this week

All signs are starting to point toward yet another Chris x Karrueche breakup. Since he’s been released from prison in early June, the pair have split and gotten back together a couple times, and it’s looking like this is yet another one of those times. They haven’t been seen out together since mid-July now (an eternity for the pair for when they’re on good terms,) and have been taking what looks like subtle shots toward each other on social media. First they went at it over “loyalty,” and now…haircuts? Check Kae’s meme and Chris’ recent post in the gallery.

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That Was Quick: Joe Budden Is Single Once Again…And It Looks Like We’ll Be Getting A Song Out Of It!

Joe Budden & Audely

Less than a month after going public with his new relationship, rapper Joe Budden is a single man once again. Though he didn’t give too much detail as to what occurred between him and bottle waitress Audely, judging but Joey’s tweets, it appears social media played a factor…and that we’re going to be getting a song about the breakup! (If it’s anything like that infamous “OLS3” – this is going to be GOOD!)

Check out Joe’s tweets in the gallery for a little more about the breakup. Do you think they’ll be getting back together, or this is done for good?

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(Photos) Sub-Tweet Central: Chris Brown & Karrueche Go At It Over ‘Loyalty’

Chris Brown & Karrueche

Another day, another social media battle between on-again/off-again lovers, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Will these two ever quit going at it? I really do enjoy them as a couple, but stuff like this makes me start to really dislike the pairing. Breezy and Kae are 25 and 26, respectively…a little too old to constantly being going at it like teenagers!

Though everything seemed fine when the pair were spotted out together last week, Chris held a charity kickball game over the weekend that Kae was noticeably absent from, though it was soon revealed on her Instagram that she was shooting her first movie. That’s a pretty good reason to be absent from something! However, tweets from both Chris and Kae (of which Chris’ has now been deleted) seem to show that there’s a bit of tension behind the absence. Check out what was said in the gallery!

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(Photos) WTF?! 3 Months After Big Sean Breakup, Naya Rivera Is MARRIED – To Someone Else!

Naya Rivera weds Ryan Dorsey

And this, folks, is the true definition of going “0 to 100″…real quick! Just 3 short months after calling off the engagement with rapper Big Sean (whom she was dating for a year,) ‘GLEE’ star Naya Rivera has tied the knot with actor Ryan Dorsey.

The surprise wedding took place in Cabo over the weekend, along with a “small group of close family.” Apparently the pair met 4 years ago, but their friendship blossomed into a relationship when she split with Sean. “Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for,” the couple said in a joint statement. “True love always prevails.”

Ummm…what? So either A – Naya is still feeling stupid after the breakup and just wanted to divert attention, B – she’s pregnant, or C – they were creeping the entire time. I’m inclined to roll with A or B. What do you guys think?

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(Photos) All Is Well! T.I. & Tiny Jet Off For A Romantic Getaway For Tiny’s Birthday

T.I. & Tiny in Belize

Tip and Tiny definitely had a bit of trouble there for a while, but our favorite couple are back together once again, and recently jetted off to Belize for a tropical birthday getaway. Paparazzi spotted the “Family Hustle” stars in the airport and snapped a few flicks, and Tiny even took to Instagram to share a special surprise from her hubby. Check out the pics in the gallery! Glad to see these two worked it out.

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(Photos) Hmm! Who’s This Chick Chris Brown Is All Hugged Up On Late At Night?!

Chris Brown and a mystery woman

Breezy’s back to his old antics, huh? Just days after the alleged split with Karrueche, Chris Brown was spotted hugged up on an unidentified woman in a parking lot late last night, before they left together in his Lambo. The embrace looks rather friendly, however, and she isn’t quite up to par with the Karrueche’s and Rihanna’s he’s usually seen with, so I’m inclined to believe she’s just a friend and/or member of his team.

Chris had a busy day yesterday, also being spotted at Sevyn Streeter’s birthday bash at Hollywood club Emerson, as well as performing his track “Loyal” at Nobu. Check out footage from both events below, and more pics of Breezy and the mystery woman in the gallery!

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(Photos + Video) Meanwhile During The Alleged Breakup…This Is What Chris Brown Is Doing!

Getting in the studio

Chris Brown and longtime love Karrueche Tran seem to have hit a rough patch again, having been quite open about sharing photos of themselves as a couple up until this past weekend, when they deleted ALL traces of a relationship from their respective accounts. Kae followed it up with some quotes about losing a love and knowing what’s best for you, seemingly adding icing to the cake. However, her manager spoke out on Twitter yesterday about all the rumors surrounding the breakup, and dubbed them false. Hmm! He didn’t say much else, though, so we still don’t really know the situation. It seems Kae is doing just fine though, but what about Breezy? Well, he seems to be great too!

Taking to his Instagram the last couple of days, Breezy has been doing exactly what he’s supposed to – work, work, work! The singer has been in the studio, promoting his new single “New Flame” (which is doing really well and currently the #1 most added record on Rhythm and Urban Radio,) hanging with friends and even sharing some fan art…which has quite an interesting detail to it. Check the pic in the gallery and let me know if you see it. Could be a subtle hint that all is well with him and Karrueche!

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(Photos) Karrueche Doesn’t Seem To Be Affected By All The Drama!

Karrueche IG

Upon Chris Brown’s release from prison early last month, he and on-again/off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran became inseparable, seemingly closer than ever after enduring such a storm together. As a refreshing change, Breezy was sharing multiple photos of his “real one” on Instagram, proud to show her off to the world. They were together up through 4th of July, sharing pics on their respective pages and having fun, but something switched that up and just like that, all traces of their relationship were gone from social media, prompting “breakup” rumors (of which Kae’s manager currently is denying.) Despite all the drama or whatever it may be, Karrueche is smiling through it and seemingly not letting it affect her! In the past couple of days, the Vietnamese beauty has kicked it in the club and poolside with her bestie Christina Milian, and even stopped by a major media outlet for “work.” Hmm! Check out her pics in the gallery.

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(Photos) Chris Brown & Karrueche Delete All Pics Of Each Other, & Karrueche Posts Some Cryptic Quotes

Chris Brown & Karrueche on the 4th of July

Noooo! Guys, I’m legitimately sad right now! As I always do because I’m a huge Chris Brown/Karrueche stan, I went to their respective pages this morning so I could make a post about their weekend, and what I saw was not at ALL what I expected! Instead of pics of them cuddled up and loving life, there was NO traces of them as a couple on either page, and Kae has posted a bunch of quotes about losing love. They were JUST together on Friday. WHY CAN’T YOU TWO MAKE IT WORK?! Damn it!

I mean, this could be a blessing in disguise, as Chris REALLY needs to focus on his career now more than ever. However, it seems like Karrueche was a super understanding ride-or-die, so those two things can definitely mix, especially considering the fact he seems like he needs a woman that can be around him often, which Kae is definitely able to do. I’m sure they’ll get right back to it eventually. Who knows, though…maybe they didn’t even breakup at all! Maybe…just maybe…Chris was tired of getting heat for posting booty pics of Kae, and maybe both were tired of all the comments from Rihanna stans, so perhaps they’re choosing to be more private about their relationship? That doesn’t help explain the losing love quotes, though. Man!

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(Video) Sage The Gemini Discusses Kaylin Garcia’s “Dating Contract”

Sage The Gemini x Kaylin Garcia

Model/reality star Kaylin Garcia’s relationship with Bay Area rapper Sage The Gemini was quite short-lived, coming together and then collapsing in a matter of months, with cheating allegations, having only met once (if at all) and a slew of other issues in between. In a recent interview, Kaylin opened up about the heartbreak (his crew is the Heartbreak Gang if you don’t get that reference, LOL) and added that her new rule with dating men is making them sign a non-disclosure agreement of sorts, preventing any slander or revealing of secrets should they not work out. Find out what Sage has to say about that below.

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