(Video) Would Ciara Ever Consider Taking Future Back? This Is Her Response!

Ciara & Future

Future certainly put Ciara through the ringer in their short-lived relationship, caught up in a bunch of cheating accusations while she was carrying their soon-to-be one-year-old son, Future Zahir.

Since their split last summer, a rumored reconciliation surfaced in the fall, but that too was short-lived, and Ciara has since moved on with NFL baller, Russell Wilson. Would she consider going back to the man she once was so madly in love with that she got engaged and pregnant in less than a year, though? She answered that question during a recent stop at Atlanta radio station, Streetz 94.5:

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(Photo) Rick Ross’s Ex Bae Confirms Split!


Rick Ross’s ex bae, Ming Lee, confirms split on twitter. A twitter crooner wanted to get dabs on Ming since the public been rumoring of her split with Rick Ross.

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Paula Patton Speaks Life After Robin Thicke


There’s something seriously wrong with you if you don’t like Paula Patton; she’s sweet but sexy and modest while confident. The actress and ex wife of legendary singer Robin Thicke stopped by the Meredith Vieira show to talk all things womanhood, including feeling like a “woman” for the very first time.

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(Photos) NBA: Gilbert Arenas Sets Record Straight & Says He Gave Laura Govan a Fake Engagement Ring!


Recently it was reported that Gilbert Arenas and his fiancée Laura Govan had broken up yet again and that he sold her $1 million engagement ring.  Govan is reportedly suing for her cut of Arenas’ fortune which included profits from a number of marijuana clinics.  There was also reports that Arenas threw Govan and his kids out of the house in one of their prior arguments and had done so again this time around.  Well Arenas is tired of the false accusations and decided to set the record straight himself.

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(Video) Ashanti Opens Up About Breakup With Nelly & Says “I’ve Been Betrayed”

_ Ashanti and nelly

Ashanti spoke about her 10-year relationship with rapper Nelly with Meredith Vieira on “The Meredith Vieira Show.” Check out the video of Ashanti talking about her relationship and read more on the story below!

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(Video) She Ain’t Worried ‘Bout Nothin! Karrueche Hits The Town After Breezy Babygate + More Baby Details

Chris Brown x Royalty

Here’s the latest in Breezy Babygate! So far, we’ve learned that Chris Brown is the father to a 9-month-old baby girl that resides in Houston, Texas with her mother, Nia. We’ve also learned that Nia is a former “Instagram model” that likes to show her body off in the clubs, and had another man believing he was the father up until TMZ revealed that it’s Breezy’s baby. We’ve ALSO learned that Karrueche is not with the sh*ts, and has since kicked her on-again/off-again boyfriend to the curb. Now for the new tea!

As I speculated, the baby’s name is confirmed to be Royalty. No word on the last name just yet, though. Despite reports that Karrueche “knew” Nia because of the photos, they apparently have only met very briefly while out, and hardly know each other at all. As for Chris’ involvement, he reportedly calls Nia regularly and now says he wants to openly participate in raising the baby, adding that he’ll gladly fly there regularly to parent her. Now for the REAL juicy stuff, though…

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(Photo) Karrueche Speaks Out For The First Time Since The Break Baby News Broke!

Chris Brown's baby

People have been watching Karrueche Tran’s Twitter page like a hawk since news broke last night of Chris Brown’s love child, and finally, she’s spoken!

We didn’t know whether she’d already been made aware behind-the-scenes about the baby or not, but it looks like it’s “or not!”

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Behind The Lyrics: Wiz Khalifa Comes For Amber’s Neck On “For Everybody”

Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J - For Everybody

Last night, Juicy J dropped his Wiz Khalifa-assisted single “For Everybody,” and boy did Wiz have some choice words for his ex Amber Rose on the track! And to drive the point home, they included a photo of themselves at his wedding to Amber as the song’s artwork.

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(Photos) Getting Messier…Literally! Wiz’s Team Serves Up Pics Of Amber’s Dirty House For Custody Battle

Amber Rose x Wiz Khalifa x Sebastian

As we reported earlier this week, Wiz Khalifa is gearing up for a custody battle with Amber Rose, as he reportedly feels like his ex-wife is unfit to care for their 1-year-old son, Sebastian, properly. Amongst other things, Wiz alleged the following:

Amber often stays out all night, requiring that relatives and staff take over
The family dog eats its own feces and then licks Sebastian‘s face
When she wakes up she’ll play with the kid for 15 minutes or so and then disappear
Amber and her mom have a volatile relationship, laced with “shouting matches and vulgar exchanges,” which upset the boy. And during the arguments the N word was hurled by Amber‘s mom

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(Photos) Breakup? Kimbella & Juelz Santana Spar Over Tweets

Kimbella vs Juelz

I really hate when couples air their dirty laundry on social media, especially when you know they’re going to get right back together. Just like the last time, Kimbella and Juelz Santana have exchanged words over Twitter today, then took it to Instagram for the final drive home.

It first started with Juelz, who wrote earlier, “Don’t let No Women Cripple U Into Being the Person They What U 2 Be.” Kimbella then shot back, and it was downhill from there. I’m giving these two about a week before they’re right back. Check out the posts in the gallery in the meantime!

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