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(Photos) This Is Blac Chyna’s Response To The Breakup

Blac Chyna on IG

Yesterday afternoon, the world was pretty shocked… ok, a tiny bit shocked… to find out that Tyga and Blac Chyna had broken up. Though no one thought it would last in the beginning, they actually went the distance and managed 3 years and a baby, but as we know, that’s no more. As news broke and people began commenting about it on social media, Chy took to her Instagram with a few subtle messages to let the world know she’s chillin’.

“Good or bad, so what, I gotta keep it up ……” Chy wrote on one of her selfies. Aw, she’s going through it, but she’ll bounce back. Maybe her and CiCi should be friends.

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Soulja Boy Dumps Karrine Steffans A.K.A. Superhead On Twitter!


Soulja taught himself his own lesson in “trying to turn hoes into housewives” over the weekend it seems. Karrine Steffans, more known as Superhead was seen all over Soulja Boys instagram looking rather cozy, but trouble in paradise became evident when Mister Soulja took to his Twitter to reveal he was done with her! ”She my ride or die with me always,” he tweeted. “24/7 no matter what she down.” His next tweet was completely the opposite. ”That’s my fault for tryna wife a thot won’t happen again” he tweeted. Meanwhile, that was only over the span of 20 minutes….

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(Photos) Yes, We Get It Breezy – You Want Karrueche Back!

Chris Brown x Karrueche

Chris Brown wants Karrueche back, and he wants the world to know. Well, kind of…because even though he posted a whole bunch of stuff to his Instagram, he’s since deleted it. His point was made, though.

Amidst their latest breakup, (which rumors say was caused by Chris feeling Kae was an “opportunist” and a cheater…) Chris is going hard to let her know she is his soulmate, his WCW and his only WCW. Yesterday afternoon, Breezy posted (then deleted 4 minutes later…) a picture of Karrueche from a recent photo shoot, captioning it with “My only WCW.” He later reposted the image with simply “WCW,” and left that up for a bit longer.

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(Photos) Hmm…No Ring, Solo Vacations, Mistress Rumors – Are Ciara & Future On The Rocks?

Ciara solo in Ibiza

Oh, things aren’t looking too fabulous in the world of Ciara and Future. We (the media) could be reading too into things, but sometimes, you have to call it as you see it! And as it stands now, there could be trouble looming for the pending marriage of these new parents.

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Oh? Chris Brown’s Camp Reveal A Bit Of A Plot Twist In Karrueche Breakup!

Chris Brown & Karrueche

As we’re in the middle of breakup number 1,034,024 for Chris Brown and Karrueche, more details have been coming out about the latest “last straw,” and word is…it was Chris who did the dumping! Previously reported as Karrueche cutting ties because of Chris’ “childish behavior” and liking Photoshopped photos of himself and Rihanna on Instagram, Breezy’s camp is doing some talking now and they’re saying it was the other way around!

According to his team, Chris found out she was texting and sending photos to other guys while they were together, but worse than that, was not feeling how she took the opportunity to talk about their relationship while she was doing interviews. Chris decided she was an “opportunist” and split. (This would totally explain those “loyalty” subs a couple of weeks ago.) I think they’re honestly both ridiculous…but I’m going to side with Kae on this one. What in the world else is she supposed to talk about for one, and for two, he acts as if they don’t make their relationship public. If they didn’t put it out there for the world to see and comment on, then people wouldn’t have questions, and they wouldn’t ask them in interviews. But they do, so why wouldn’t he expect Kae to answer them?

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(Photos) More Subs? Karrueche Posts An Interesting Meme On Instagram!

Chris this week

All signs are starting to point toward yet another Chris x Karrueche breakup. Since he’s been released from prison in early June, the pair have split and gotten back together a couple times, and it’s looking like this is yet another one of those times. They haven’t been seen out together since mid-July now (an eternity for the pair for when they’re on good terms,) and have been taking what looks like subtle shots toward each other on social media. First they went at it over “loyalty,” and now…haircuts? Check Kae’s meme and Chris’ recent post in the gallery.

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That Was Quick: Joe Budden Is Single Once Again…And It Looks Like We’ll Be Getting A Song Out Of It!

Joe Budden & Audely

Less than a month after going public with his new relationship, rapper Joe Budden is a single man once again. Though he didn’t give too much detail as to what occurred between him and bottle waitress Audely, judging but Joey’s tweets, it appears social media played a factor…and that we’re going to be getting a song about the breakup! (If it’s anything like that infamous “OLS3” – this is going to be GOOD!)

Check out Joe’s tweets in the gallery for a little more about the breakup. Do you think they’ll be getting back together, or this is done for good?

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(Photos) Sub-Tweet Central: Chris Brown & Karrueche Go At It Over ‘Loyalty’

Chris Brown & Karrueche

Another day, another social media battle between on-again/off-again lovers, Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Will these two ever quit going at it? I really do enjoy them as a couple, but stuff like this makes me start to really dislike the pairing. Breezy and Kae are 25 and 26, respectively…a little too old to constantly being going at it like teenagers!

Though everything seemed fine when the pair were spotted out together last week, Chris held a charity kickball game over the weekend that Kae was noticeably absent from, though it was soon revealed on her Instagram that she was shooting her first movie. That’s a pretty good reason to be absent from something! However, tweets from both Chris and Kae (of which Chris’ has now been deleted) seem to show that there’s a bit of tension behind the absence. Check out what was said in the gallery!

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(Photos) WTF?! 3 Months After Big Sean Breakup, Naya Rivera Is MARRIED – To Someone Else!

Naya Rivera weds Ryan Dorsey

And this, folks, is the true definition of going “0 to 100″…real quick! Just 3 short months after calling off the engagement with rapper Big Sean (whom she was dating for a year,) ‘GLEE’ star Naya Rivera has tied the knot with actor Ryan Dorsey.

The surprise wedding took place in Cabo over the weekend, along with a “small group of close family.” Apparently the pair met 4 years ago, but their friendship blossomed into a relationship when she split with Sean. “Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for,” the couple said in a joint statement. “True love always prevails.”

Ummm…what? So either A – Naya is still feeling stupid after the breakup and just wanted to divert attention, B – she’s pregnant, or C – they were creeping the entire time. I’m inclined to roll with A or B. What do you guys think?

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(Photos) All Is Well! T.I. & Tiny Jet Off For A Romantic Getaway For Tiny’s Birthday

T.I. & Tiny in Belize

Tip and Tiny definitely had a bit of trouble there for a while, but our favorite couple are back together once again, and recently jetted off to Belize for a tropical birthday getaway. Paparazzi spotted the “Family Hustle” stars in the airport and snapped a few flicks, and Tiny even took to Instagram to share a special surprise from her hubby. Check out the pics in the gallery! Glad to see these two worked it out.

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