Kevin Clash, Who Does The Voice Of Elmo Is Accused Of Having Sex With Who?

First Big Bird was in the news, now it’s Elmo, or at least the guy that does the voice of Elmo. Kevin Clash, the man who does the voice for Sesame Street’s Elmo is being accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old boy. The young man who is accusing Clash of the act is now 23. He claims that the relationship started seven years ago when he was 16 and Clash was 45. Why did he wait so long to speak-out is my question. Clash stated that he had a relationship with his accuser, however it was after he was a consenting adult. While lawyers for the young man as well as the show handle things, Clash has decided to take a leave of absence. We’ll see how this goes. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

The Promise Of Tax Rate Increase For Higher Earners Got President Obama Re-Elected

It’s being said that the reason the “majority” re-elected, President Obama is because of his promise to avoid a “fiscal cliff” and to raise the taxes for higher earners, a promise that he plans to keep. The tax raise, which plans to set in effect on Jan. 1 is because of the expiration of the Bush tax rates. President Obama didn’t out-right mention the the Bush tax rates, however he did state, “I refuse to accept any approach that isn’t balanced.” He then adds, “Our job now is to get a majority in Congress to reflect the will of the American people.” Check down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Throw-Back Groups…Damn They Making It To The Top

I’m not the only one getting older. Today is the birthday of the original platinum hair pimp, Sisqo from Dru Hill. That man is 34 today. Wanna send that B-Day shout out. While I’m at it, Sandy “Pepa” Denton from Salt N Pepa is celebrating a birthday as well. Happy 48th Pep from IFWT. Check down bottom. JaaiR && The IFWT Crew

Taylor Swift: Teen Bopper To Sexy Stopper

I think Kanye snatching the mic from her made her even more popular. Taylor Swift is known as the sweet innocent looking country singing teen, but she is growing into a sexy woman right before our eyes. With her working on a new sound, Taylor decided to bring a new look, and it’s definantly working in her favor. Her photo shoot with Nigel Barker is looking HOT! Click down bottom for more of Taylor. JaaiR(JR)

Listen All You Walmart Shoppers, Black Friday Is Actually The Day Before Black Friday

Walmart is not doing any playing! They need to keep the customers happy, and they will do that by opening up doors at 8pm on Turkey Day (two hours sooner than last year), but with “Black Friday” sales.They’ve already announced the pricing for a Vizio 60-inch smart TV with built-in WiFi, the iPad 2, and Nikon digital cameras. Go ahead and drop down bottom for more. JaaiR(JR)

(Video) Is She Really Bi-Polar, Check For Yourself

Lisa Turtle, I mean Lark Voorhies, which ever one she wants to be is putting a stop to the bi-polar rumors. She isn’t understanding why people are making these things up, but she says she’s not seeing a doctor, she’s not bi-polar and she doesn’t hear voices. Check down bottom for more. JaaiR(JR)

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