Symptoms and Prevention of HIV/AIDS in Women

Earlier this week we gave you the signs for men, and while both men and women experience many of the same symptoms, women frequently must contend with some distinctively female signs of HIV infection. Hit the jump for details and please remember to practice safe sex and get tested too!!   @funkmasterflex

A Health Warning Comes With Nintendo 3DS!!!

Nintendo’s Japanese warning guidelines for the 3DS say: players are advised that 3D gameplay causes eye fatigue more quickly than 2D gaming and are told to take a break after 30 minutes of play, it also says you should quit immediately if you get ill, Duh. Nintendo also says that children under six shouldn’t use the 3D mode at all, since their eyes are still developing, and that parents can use controls built into the 3DS to lock it into 2D mode for children. @TatWza

(Video) Jennifer Hudson – Feeling Good (Weight Watchers Promo)

Check her out!! She lost so much weight. She looks amazing!! @MarisaMendez

Signs And Symptoms of HIV/Aids For Men

HIV/Aids is one of the most feared diseases. IFWT wanted to make sure you remembered to get yourself tested to make sure that you are HIV/Aids free… Hit the jump to read up on some of the signs and symptoms but most importantly don’t forget to stay protected!! Staying protected is the only full proof way to make sure that you don’t get infected! @funkmasterflex

Police Called In Over McDonald’s French Fries!!

Police say a dispute over the freshness of french fries got heated at a McDonald’s in northern Ohio. Authorities say a customer refused fries waiting Sunday night in their serving pouches at the restaurant near Sandusky. The manager insisted the fries were fresh. Police say they were called when the customer said he wouldn’t leave until he got different fries. He told officers a McDonald’s employee struck him with a mop.

Number of Uninsured Americans Soars to Over 50 Million!!

The number of Americans without any health care coverage grew by more than four million in 2009. That left almost one-fifth of non-elderly people uninsured. Among those between 19 and 29 years old, nearly one-third lacked coverage. The Great Recession has people more concerned with finding/keeping a job, than being worried about their jobs benefits package. Something has got to change! @iBLONDEgenius

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