Woman Wins $4 Million In Chimpanzee Settlement

Charla Nash a 57 year old New England woman was awarded $4 million in a settlement after her brother filed a lawsuit on her behalf seeking $50 million in damages from the estate of a woman who owned a Chimpanzee that mauled Nash years ago. Sandra Herold the owner of the Chimpanzee recently passed away, but the incident at Herold’s house the day her pet Chimpanzee Travis was on the loose is a day that changed Nash’s life forever. Ms. Nash was called to help lure Travis back in the house but Travis went crazy and mauled Nash, ripping off her hands, lips, nose, eye lids, and leaving her blind, before being shot to death by a police officer on site. Nash’s brother says that the amount of money awarded is meaningless when considering the status of his sisters life but hopefully that $4 million can help her cope with the events of that traumatic day. Check the gallery above for Photos of the victim and the culprit. PaulDaPro

Mastiff Mauls Illinois Firefighter

Dawn Brown, a 44 year old Firefigther of Big Rock, Illinois was found dead on Monday by her husband. The cause of death, a Mastiff she had adopted from a relative just a week earlier. Her husband tried first aid when he found her but it was apparent that she was already dead. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

1-Week-Old Panda Cub Dies At National Zoo

A giant panda cub born one week ago at the National Zoo in Washington D.C. has died. Panda keepers and volunteers heard a distress call from the unnamed cub’s mother, Mei Xiang, at 9:17 a.m., today, the zoo said in a statement. Read more after the jump Quay

(Photos) Oh Boy! Kim Kardashian Buys A New Kitten…And Guess What She’s Named It!

Kim Kardashian is ridiculously excited she has a boo. Any little chance she gets while apart from Kanye West to rep him, she’s all over it. I can’t blame her, though. I definitely have earrings with my boo’s initials too, shirts with his DJ name on it, all that corny stuff! LOL! Kim has taken it a step further, buying a Teacup Persian kitten to tote around Miami like a little puppy (she’s going to be pissed when that cat scratches her), and naming it something very closely associated with Yeezy. Find out what she named it, and see more pictures below. FYI, she’s in Miami filming a new season of her spinoff show with her sister Kourtney, “Kim & Kourtney Take Miami”. The current season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” doesn’t end until next week. These girls don’t stop! Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Khloe Kardashian Officially Adopts!

…a pet, that is. The reality star and her NBA baller hubby Lamar Odom have been trying to conceive for some time now with some trouble, but they’re not giving up on the natural way just yet. In the meantime, Khloe will use her maternal instincts in a different way…with her new puppy, Jackson Odom Jenner. Below, Khloe explains the name and Jackson’s odd living situation. Marisa Mendez

Find Out Which Color Cars Birds Like To Poop On The Most?

Dont you hate when you’ve just washed your car and a bird decides to use it as their bathroom? Welp, you might’ve thought they just randomly poop anywhere but researchers say that is not the case. Find out which color cars birds like to poop on the most after the jump. Gernique N

(Video) Two Bears Fight Viciously On Someone’s Front Lawn In Florida Suburb

This is funny and scary at the same time. Some florida residents captured video of two bears fighting on someone’s front lawn. Check out the disturbing video after the jump. Gernique N

Mother Cat Takes Bullet For Her Kittens

I know you want to laugh. But dont, an abandoned cat was found hovering over her little kittens with a bullet in her head. Read the full story after the jump. Gernique N

(Video) Rare Footage Of A Wolverine In California

When I think of the term Wolverine, I think of X-Men. But there are actual wolverines running around and they’re not half human. Because the species is highly endangered, the last one was spotted back in 2008. However, a random Californian ran across one the other day. Click below to watch the video. Gernique N

(Pic) Get Your Pet Featured on InFlexWeTrust.com!!!

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Even Baby B aka Bijan is checkin out #IFWT!  His favorite is the sports section! lol InFlexWeTrust will now feature your pets!  If you have pictures of your pets, we will post them!  You can email: [email protected]

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