NYC Gets Its OWN Domain!!!!

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg, City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn and others recently announced that the city has its own domain name. “.nyc” web address will be for New Yorkers and to promote local businesses.

Google Is Paying People To Do WHAT?!

Google is always one step ahead of the game when it comes to giving everyone the upmost experience with anything they do. This is probably why Google is willing to pay adventurous people to travel the world to help people at home see what they see from a street view perspective. Hit the jump to find out more..

First Look At Apple’s Low-Cost Phone!

Apple is rumored to be launching a low-cost iPhone at a much more affordable price that’ll be a little more budget friendly hit the jump to see the pictures..

WTF!!! Now This Is Taking In-Ears Headphones To A Different Level!!!

A man name Rich Lee didn’t want to keep loosing his headphones, so he decided to get some implanted into his ear. The procedure was done in Arizona by a body modification artist Steve Haworth.

Waterproof Your Phone By Using THIS!

We all know that water and electronics don’t mix but by spraying this product called “NeverWet” makes basically anything waterproof!! Hit the jump to find out more ..

Trying To Stay Healthy….Use THIS Google Search Feature!!!

Lately Google has been expanding in all aspects and now even when it comes to being more health conscious! Hit the jump to find out how Google will now be helping you count calories and stay up to date with nutritional facts.

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