Is THIS The Arm Cast Of the Future?!

When one thinks of a cast things that usually come to mind are a big white bulky piece of plaster thats sweaty and occasionally people sign their name on but not this cast! Hit the jump to find out more..

(Photos) Winning!! Check Out Bill Gates New 8.7 Million Dollar Florida Estate!!

Seattle-based Microsoft founder Bill Gates — and second richest man in the world — remarkably, doesn’t own an excess of properties. Not any longer. According to property records as well as South Florida’s Gossip Extra, Gates now owns a place in Wellington, FL, paying $8.7 million in cash. Hit the jump for more details.

PayPal In Outer Space..WHAT?!

With the first consumer space flight set to take off this Christmas and talks about the first hotel in space opening up within the next couple of years from a Russian company it is only right that we have money to spend up there right? Hit the jump to see how Paypal is making this happen..

Here’s Everything You NEED To Get Jay-Z’s “Magna Carter Holy Grail” App/Album!!!

That’s Right, the time is pretty much HERE….”Magna Carter The Holy Grail”!! Available Only In the App(The Same Name) in the Google Play Store….Which Means Only on Android, at least for FREE, But there are a couple few Details You Really Need to know! Hit the Jump….

You Be The Critic: Who’s REALLY Winning This Battle?!?

Soooo, The War has Begun…Yesterday IG launched their 15sec Video…and of course plenty of RIP to Vine Posts went up on IG(pic form), But Viners fought back with Vines about how they weren’t going any where, on top of that IG’s server’s were(are) leaving ppl a bit flat with the fact that vids don’t loop(like Vine) and the upload is still pretty nasty, not like the simplicity of Vine…the War is Just starting ladies and gentlemen, what side you Got??

Man Attempts To Sell Coffin On Craigslist. Guess What Was Inside!!

An Iowa man’s online classified ad offering an oak coffin for sale neglected to mention the full skeleton inside, so police interrupted the deal and seized the bones. Hit the Jump for more on this wild story.

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