(Photos/Video) Tech: The Vuze Camera & 3D 360 VR Kit Is Available For Pre Order!

Vuze announced their 360 VR recording camera and it’s available for pre order, along with a special recording kit!

(Video) YouTube To Start A New Format For Ultra HD aka 4K TV!!!

I know the 99% of non-techies could care less about this, but in about 4 to 5 years, when everyone and there moms has some sort of 4K TV, and mobile devices have gone past retina, you will care, a lot!

This New 4K TV Is HOW Much?

Trying to get ahead of the curve, want the next thing, well 4K is the next step in TV’s! While I was at CES, the 4K TV’s showed such Bright and Vivid screen(See a Couple In the Gallery), I mean I thought I could touch the what was inside the screen. Typically they are quite expensive, but it seems as though that price is coming down. And for you, right now, You can buy in the link after the jump.

Tech Talk Camera: Canon Has Done It Again With The EOS C300!!!

Now, Not everyone that Reads IFWT will know or Care about keeping up with the Newest Camera’s, But here’s the thing, You want to see the your favorite artist Music Video’s right, well these Camera’s are what captures those Video’s. Hit the Jump for your details. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Device: LG Has An 82inch Ultra Definition 3D TV!!!!

I’ve never actually heard of the term ‘Ultra Definition’ but it definitely sounds like a step Up from High Definition, and at 82 inches with 3D, it does sound pretty Ultra! Hit the Jump For more Specs. +TatWZA

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