Facebook Looking To Take Down Snapchat?!

There was a potential deal for FB to buy Snapchat, but when turned down, they decided to go ahead and build their own version(Slingshot), and although the force is with Snapchat, would you go to the dark side(Slingshot) this month??

Netflix’s “House Of Cards” Gets 3rd Season Approval Before 2nd Season Starts!!!

This is Big for the streaming giant! Word is “House Of Cards” came into the joint with 2 seasons attached, but now after Golden Globe accreditation, the Show got an actual next season go ahead, before the 2nd season even starts! Netflix is becoming a true movie making company, SO DOPE!!

Is Apple Stopping BBM From Going In The App Store?!?

Allegedy Blackberry submtted BBM as an App for iOs to Apple 2 weeks ago and they are saying that’s a week and a half past the time Apple usually approves big apps. There is no word from Apple as to the hold up, but I have a couple guesses below.

So THIS T-Mobile Deal Is Done Huh?!?!

Today, the FCC approved the merger between T-Mobile and MetroPCS. With the $1.5 billion merger, T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS will share network resources, but will continue to operate for now as separate brands. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said “Today’s action will benefit millions of American consumers and help the U.S. maintain the global leadership in mobile it has regained in recent years.” The deal still has to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States since T-Mobile is owned by Germany’s Deutsche Telekom but there should have no problems of the deal being approved.

Aww! Kanye’s Grandfather Approves Of Kim…But He Doesn’t Care About A Wedding!

Life with your significant other is always a bit easier when you have the blessings of their family. It shouldn’t make or break your relationship, but when there’s positive vibes there, it absolutely helps with a solid foundation! And good for Kim K., Kanye West’s 97-year-old grandfather (damn, good for him!) Portwood Williams Sr. definitely approves of his relationship with her! The pair recently visitied him in his hometown of OKC, and he has nothing but nice things to say about the reality star. “She is beautiful — and she’s just as sweet as she is beautiful — and that’s what I liked about her! She was just down to earth, she’s rich, and those kinds of people, they’ve got everything.” As far as a wedding, though? He’s not worried about it. See what he said about that below.

Facebook Lets You Manage More Personal Privacy Content

The on going issues with social networking are typically Privacy & Discretion. Facebook deals with a lot of both; which often times becomes more of how they responded rather than what happened. They’ve developed a slew of new features that should help make every users experience a better one. Things you don’t fully understand can be extremely difficult to work with; but knowing something in and out, front to back makes a world of a difference. Facebook takes you into their Newsroom to give you some newly generated tips & tricks to help better your social networking experience! Tat Wza

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