(Warning*18+*Video) Here’s An App Apple Won’t Approve…iBoobs!!

Of course Apple has a standard that will not allow ‘graphic’ apps, but that doesn’t mean the web is’t gonna let us know what’s possibly available outchea!!

If iOS 7 Is Killing Your Battey, This Could HELP!!!

So although I’ve told people with the 4/4S they prob shouldn’t update to iOS 7, some still ‘folded to peer pressure’ and updated. Now those with a certain degree of hard headedness(pause) are asking me, ‘What do I do?’. Well I’m here for you!!

Here’s How It Works IF You Don’t Update To iOS 7!!!

iOS 7 has been the talk of the web since it was announced in June(besides the 5S & 5C), and the day is finally here, but what about those that could care less or are worried they can’t update because they’re scared their favorite app won’t be on iOS 7?? Well there’s not an app for that, but there is a cure!!

WTF?!? The Apple Store Is Down!!!

What in the world is Apple planning to launch today??? Currently The Apple online store is down.

(Video) Date Rape 40 Years In The Future?!?

This short film is SO interesting! Imagine everything we do now on our devices; tablets, phones, Google Glasses, apps, sites, info already in our mind, Crazy right? You have to see it below!

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