App Showdown!!! Which Messaging App Is Better?!

It’s been about a week since BBM dropped, and it got 10 Million downloads in 24 hours, not sure where it’s at now, but it’s being talked about, some good ways, some not so good. WhatApp is already been in use for a while, and may be the favorite, but that is exactly why we’re here, what do you think?!?

WHOA!! BBM Downloaded How Many Times In 24 Hours?!

Almost unbelievable since the device Blackberry is damn near extinct, but at least 1 part of the company that once was king of the smartphones shall live on!!

(Photos) The All New iPad Air & Retina iPad Mini !!!!!

I mean the new iPad Air has me really thinking about finally getting an iPad, I mean they named it an air! And they finally gave the Mini a retina display, I’m not sure if the price is something I can deal with(still), but let’s see what happens this time.

Attention ALL Blackberry Users…It’s A Matter Of Time!!!

Forecasters are saying BB users should prep to get another device, as BB services could come to an end in the next 12 months. Choosing 1 of the top 3 would prob be best, iOS, Android or Windows(Biggie, Jay Z, or Nas). The issue is getting those users up to 2013/2014 speed. If you have gone from a BB to one of the aforementioned OS’s, you know it’s not a hard transition, but it def is something you’d have to take your time with.

(Photo+Video) So This Is What #sfmusictech Summit Was about!!!

If you don’t know about this, important to the Music and the Tech scene, the SFMusicTech Summit in San Francisco went down last week. In it’s umpteenth year as it’s getting bigger and better, it’s where Techies and Musicians come together to see what new technology is available for the musically influenced can use it.

(Video) Attention ALL Producers…You NEED This App!!!

Our good friend CreateLex is back at it! Now he’s done some really Dope apps in the ‘making music space’, but this one might be the best yet! Even I was able to make a beat that sounded ‘usable’ 0_o

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