Auto:(Photo) FAIL!! This Is What Happens When The Army Drops A Humvee From A Plane

They went and ruined a perfectly good Humvee, smh. It was an accident, but still. Reports say the Humvee was part of an air drop delivering the vehicle, as well as some soldiers. The parachute attached to the truck never opened and the truck fell to the earth from about 800 feet high. I do not see the engine or some other parts , so it is possible this was just the frame of the truck, or when it hit the ground, parts of it went everywhere. Check the gallery after the jump. Do you see how flat the truck became? It is nothing more than a pancake right now.

Syrian Rebel Tank Controlled By What !?!

We’ve seen some crazy artillery developed in the wild. When its for play, its ok if it completely falls apart on you after use. But what if you needed to fight a government with it? What about heading into war with your home-made device and relying on it to keep you safe. You’d probably say I was crazy, but it definitely wouldn’t phase these guys. Hit the jump for the video… Tat Wza

U.S. Allies May Be Arming Al Qaeda

For months, the U.S. has been helping Arab allies coordinate arms shipments to rebel fighters in Syria. Click “more” below to find out where those weapons are going and how this could hurt the U.S. in the long wrong. DJ Matthew Tyler

US Military Death Count In Afghanistan Hits 2,000

The killing of an American serviceman in an exchange of fire with allied Afghan soldiers pushed U.S. military deaths in the war to 2,000.  Hit the jump for more! DJ Matthew Tyler

Four Army Soldiers Murder Case Uncovers Terrorist Plot

Four Army soldiers based in southeast Georgia killed a former soldier and his girlfriend in an effort to keep an anarchist militia group formed for anti-government attacks under the radar. Click below to find out more. Funk Flex

Soldier Killed Roommates Because They Were Too Messy

U.S Soldier, Neftaly Platero has been found guilty of murdering his two army roommates for keeping their room messy at a U.S Base Camp in Iraq. Click below for more of the story. Melissa Nash

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