They Got MONEY! Mystery Buyer Breaks City Record By Purchasing $100 Million Condo!!

WHOA! So a palatial apartment in Manhattan at 57th street broke the record for highest condo sold in the city! I guess it ain’t nothing to a billionaire baby. More deets after the jump…

See How Kim K. Beat The iPhone 5!!!!

Looks like the iPhone wont be able to escape the competition. No, not another phone, but a special someone. Sought after more than the beauty and sleek appearance of the iPhone 5, this star has beauty of her own that soars with interest. From appearance to appearances she seems to always find a way into the news. Hit the jump to find out who beat Apple for the #1 spot! Tat Wza

Tech Talk News: Instagram Sets Record !!!

Instagram has grown graciously from  25k users opening day to the 10 million users currently active; all under a year. Numbers of that size can speak post volumes! The already highly active social-networking site spiked way off the charts in a record breaking manor Thursday. Turkeys were cooking, and you weren’t missing a minute! Photos came in at record breaking speed. Jump for details… Tat Wza

Nicki Minaj Breaks Another Billboard Record

Nicki Minaj has broken yet another record in her 5 year career. After already becoming the highest charting female rapper in the UK, getting the most VEVO views for a debut in one day with “Stupid H*e” (the record has since been broken, however), becoming the first female rapper with 7 entries in Billboard’s Top 10 Singles chart and more, the HB can now add another accolade to her list. And it’s all thanks to “Starships”! Continue reading for more. Marisa Mendez

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