(Photo)Victim Of Car Accident That Patrick Dempsey Helped Save Will Recover!

Patrick Dempsey of Grey’s Anatomy, came to the rescue for teenage Weston Masset after he crashed his car in Malibu.  Dempsey’s heroic actions helped save the teen  and his passenger.  Check the pics out of the accident! Steph Bassanini Check the pics after the jump.

Medication May Have Caused Pre-Accident Seizure to Former Wrestling Star Buff Bagwell

Former WCW wrestling star Buff Bagwell‘s near-fatal accident this week may have been the result of a seizure induced by a sudden change in medication — this according to his wife.  Read more after the jump. @Shay_Marie x @gametimegirl

(Caught On Tape) Person Gets Thrown From Vehicle During Highway Roll Over Accident

From the looks of it, there’s a good possibility this person lived but there’s no telling what injuries he or she sustained during the multiple mid air flips this car made before the person was ejected from the vehicle & almost struck by the vehicle taping the whole incident. Either way nobody wins in this situation. @DjRellyRell

(Photos) WWE: John Cena Involved in Car Accident

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl John Cena was involved in a car crash today — the fomer WWE champ was rear-ended by a tractor trailer.

Tech Talk News: Nationwide Ban On Texting And Driving On The Way???

With all the speak to text options texting and driving shouldn’t be a huge issues but it appears people are still being hurt by reckless driving. Or is this another way to have police pull us over for nothing? I mean its in the works but check out who and why the possible ban is on the way after they jump. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Exhausted Target Worker Drives Into Canal After Working Black Friday All-Night Shift!!

A 36-year-old Target employee drove her car into a 20-foot deep canal after working the night shift on Black Friday. Apparently, she lost control of the vehicle due to exhaustion and didn’t know how to swim!! This is pretty scary and a bad look for Target because even though shoppers were able to benefit from its midnight opening, it ultimately put the employees’ lives at risk. More details after the jump! Wendy L.

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