(Video) NFL: While The Raiders & Chiefs Were Playing On The Field, Their Fans Were Brawling In The Stands

photo credit It was an ugly game last night it you were a Raiders fan, as they fell to the Chiefs 21-13 in a game where the offense was basically non-existent. It was even uglier in the stands however, as fans from both teams were throwing blows and pushing people over rows of seats during a serious brawl.

Dead Body Found In Toilet At NFL Game

In case you’re one of the few people who is okay with going to the porta potties, consider this. Someone found a dead body in the toilet at Sunday’s NFL Chiefs- Bengals game. No one has identified him. Do you know who this was? Later on, someone found him dead in the toilet.

(Photos) NFL: After Beating Cancer, Eric Berry Returns To Kansas City!

In November 2014, Eric Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and his professional career in the NFL was immediately put on hold. After months of battling the cancer, doctors made the decision that it was safe for him to return to the football field.

NFL: Chiefs Jamaal Charles Calls Himself The Lebron James Of The NFL

Jamaal Charles is a very talented running back for the Kansas City Chiefs and one of the best overall. However when you compare yourself to Lebron James, even in a different sport, you better have the credentials to back that up. Charles might not have that just yet but he is definitely not lacking in the confidence department.

(Video) NFL: Chiefs Jamaal Charles Dropped $20,000 On Some Thick Women At V Live In Houston

Jamaal Charles made sure some strippers in H-town had a good 4th of July weekend, after he dropped more than 20 racks at V Live last night.

(Photos) NFL: Kansas City’s Eric Berry May Have Defeated Cancer!

After complaining about chest pain in a game against the Oakland Raiders, a mass was found in Eric Berry’s chest. In December 2014, he was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and his season was ultimately ended. He has since been getting treated and things are now looking good for him!

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