In November 2014, Eric Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma and his professional career in the NFL was immediately put on hold. After months of battling the cancer, doctors made the decision that it was safe for him to return to the football field.


Eric Berry began getting treatment as soon as he was diagnosed back in November. Doctors initially made the call that his stage of cancer would be treatable and perhaps fully curable and the idea of him returning to the game for the next season was very realistic. Back in June, doctors cleared him for return to begin working out with the Kansas City Chiefs and so, he began hitting training camp.

As the regular season approaches, things are definitely looking up for Eric Berry as he has just stepped on the field again for the first time in a pre-season game. In an interview, Berry talked about how important it was to return to the game saying, “I’ve got to take advantage of this opportunity because it’s bigger than football…It’s just amazing seeing how everybody else gets so much hope just from seeing me strap on the pads even before I could get on the field. Just to see me practice and see me out there on the team does so much for them.” Eric talks about the importance of being a model for others suffering from cancer and letting them know that it is possible to beat it and return to normal life.

In the pre-season game, Eric was on the field in his normal position as defensive back and also played some minutes at safety. Kansas City won the game 34-19 so that was definitely a great way to make a return to the game for Eric Berry.