Slick Rick Becomes A..U.S. Citizen!

After 40 years in the United States, rap legend Slick Rick becomes a citizen!

BREAKING NEWS: American Citizen Released From North Korea Arrives in San Francisco!!

Merrill Newman, 85, held in North Korea since October, tells reporters he’s happy to be home, but tired. Newman was held for alleged hostile acts. Ironically, Newman is a war veteran. Before he boarded a plane back to San Francisco, he had a discussion with Vice President Joe Biden. Check out there discussion after the jump.

(Warning*Graphic*Video) Caught On Tape: Car Jacker Shot & Slumped While Attempting Theft

This should be a solid lesson to all those thinking jacking a car will be easy. security raw feed shows as a man was locking up, a car jacking thought he could just shove a gun in this guys face and he’d get out the car, but that is NOT what happened!!

Iraq Sentences U.S. Citizen To Life In Jail

U.S. citizen convicted of links with al Qaeda has been sentenced to life in prison by an Iraqi court.  Click below for more information! DJ Matthew Tyler

Drunk North Korean Man Floats to South Korea

This has to be the best drunken story, ever! Drunk beyond belief, wearing only his underwear, a North Korean man in his late 20s floats on a piece of wood only to wake in South Korea. This incident is so bizarre, but you must admit, it is pretty awesome! Read more below. FunkFlex

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