Bodies Found in Ohio City Suburb???

Three bodies were found in an Ohio City suburb, the only suspect? A man who is thought to have been influenced by another Serial killer. Read more after jump

(Video) Ace Hood Throws His Fist In The Air For Trayvon Martin! [VLOG]

Ace Hood continues to take us all around the world with him. This time, he makes his way over to the House of Blues in Cleveland. Hit the jump and check it out.

Already?! Charles Ramsey Claims He’s “Broke & Homeless!”

I smell a little money mismanagement here! Charles Ramsey, the man who become an internet sensation a couple months back for rescuing the Cleveland kidnapping victims and giving some hilarious interviews afterward, is now claiming he’s both broke AND homeless! Charles received over $50,000 for various speaking engagements after rescuing the girls, but yet he has no money? SMH! See what he said about that and his living situation below. I’m not quite sure I even feel bad…

Really Tho?! Fighting Over What At A Kindergarten Graduation ?!?!

Smh! If this was my family, I know I’d be embarrassed! Hit the jump for the full story.

NBA:(Video) Lebron “I Went Back To My Cleveland Days”..Is Having A Big 3 Overrated?

I don’t think the Miami Heat like hearing Lebron talk about how he was in Cleveland. It might make him realize he doesn’t need superstar teammates to cement his legacy in this league. Last night, after the Heat won game 5 over the Pacers to take a 3-2 series lead, Bron mentioned during an interview that ” I kinda just went back to my Cleveland days”. That was referring to the way he took over in the third quarter where he outscored the Pacers by himself and never looked back. Lebron continues to show he is the only dominant player the Heat have. Wade & Bosh are still talented but I am sorry, they are no longer the players they were a couple years ago. When he was in Cleveland, James constantly had to take games over to give his team the best chance to win, and that was without any all-star caliber teammates. So if he still needs to do that with the Heat, that might get his brain thinking that after next season maybe he needs to take his talents somewhere else. With that said, check out the video after the jump of Bron taking over last night.

SMH! Huge Fight Breaks Out After Kindergarten Graduation Over WHAT?!?!

Oh my. Eight people are currently in custody in Cleveland, Ohio after a big brawl broke out after a Kindergarten graduation. When we tell you what the fight started over, you will be SICK. Hit the jump to hear what had parents throwin’ down at this little kiddie graduation!

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