(Video) Snoop Interviews Charles Ramsey On GGN

Snoop’s GGN is becoming the street version of Oprah, you know you’ve made it if you get a spot on the GGN. Recently Snoop called Charles Ramsey, while sitting down with Metta World Peace and Bishop Don Magic Juan to chop game with the Cleveland hero who saved Amanda Berry her daughter and two other women who were kidnapped and held hostage for years. At first Mr. Ramsey didn’t pick up the phone, but he quickly called back to let Snoop get at him. Charles is happy to have helped those women, and he humbly says thats what anyone would have done, but apparently anyone doesn’t include Angel Cordero. Mr. Ramsey has some plans for Mr. Cordero when he gets back to Cleveland, and he needs Snoops help. Check the video to find out why.

(Video) Dramatic Footage Of Cops Raiding Ariel Castro’s House!

This past week, three young women who were reported missing for ten years were found and rescued in Cleveland. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were finally reunited with their families after being held captive in a house, after getting tortured and abused for so long. A young lady, Jasmina Baldrich, caught the footage on her cell phone of the police raiding Ariel Castro’s house. Castro may possibly face the death penalty for kidnapping these women (LET HIM FRY.) DNA tests also showed that Castro is the father of Amanda Berry’s six-year-old daughter. SMH! Hit the jump to see the video of the cops breaking down the door at 2207 Seymour Avenue.

(Video) SHOTS FIRED!!! Charles Ramsey Goes IN on WHO?!

Charles Ramsey, the newest interviewee-gone-famous after helping free the three kidnapped woman in Cleveland, feels some type of way about someone stealing his spotlight. Angel Cordero, another man who lives in the neighborhood where the kidnapped girls were being kept, says he got to the women first. Check below to see what Ramsey had to say about his competitor.

BREAKING NEWS: Cleveland Man Charged With 4 Counts Kidnapping & 3 Counts Of Rape

Ariel Castro is charged with four counts of kidnapping and three counts of rape. Castro’s two brothers also had been taken into custody, although they won’t be charged because there is no evidence they had any involvement. The three women were kidnapped separately between 2002 and 2004 and were found Monday after Amanda Berry screamed for help then contacted police. See the video below for more details.

(Video + Photos) After 10yrs Of Being Held Captive 3 Kidnapped Women Have Been Found !!!

A little over a decade ago, Cleveland residents, Amanda Berry, Gina Dejesus, and Michelle Knight were kidnapped by a man named, Ariel Castro. The three women were kidnapped on the same street, and while being held against their will, was sexually assaulted, beaten, and tortured. All of the victims were chained to a bed, in the basement, by their necks and waists. Berry, now in her late 20s has a 6-year-old daughter. It’s said that, she was one of the many pregnancies that’s happened over the course of their nightmare, but because of malnourishment, and weak bodies, the rest turned into miscarriages. This is some madness that you catch on the Investigation channel from no earlier than the 80s. Such a sad situation. Drop down bottom to see how they were released.

(Video) Machine Gun Kelly Talks The “Black Flag” Mixtape & The “Peso” Track With Meek Mill

MGK is in the building. I’ve had that “Hell & Back” that Machine Gun Kelly features on; on repeat – Kid Ink track. He hasn’t blown up the way I believe that he should – yet – but, hopefully this video will give some, more of an insight to the Cleveland, Ohio rapper. He talks the up-coming mixtape, “Black Flag,” how Meek Mill ended up on the track “Peso” and a few other things. Drop down bottom to view that, and a few performances from the wild boy.

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