(Video) Marvel’s New Movie “Doctor Strange” Called Out For Whitewashing

Remember the #Oscarssowhite twitter movement? Doctor Strange is the latest film to be called out. In the past the offenses have been about white actors portraying ancient Egyptians in movies like Exodus but this time the backlash goes to an Asian comic character.

(PHOTO) NBA: Marvel Designs Mask For LeBron James!

After LeBron’s big 61 point night on Monday, Marvel decided to design a special heroic mask for him.  It was designed by Greg Land of “Uncanny X-Men” fame.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

(Video) Man Finds $150,000 Comic Book Inside Insulation Of His House

A Minnesota man found a gold mine hidden in the walls of a house he had just purchased. Realizing the house would need significant work the man began to pull out some of the insulation and found comic books one in particular happened to be Action Comics #1, the first ever appearance of Superman making this one of the rarest comics of all time. The initial price for the comic is $150,000 but due to it’s condition the price will start at $127,000 and is sure to climb up when ever the owner is ready to put it to auction. Watch the video down bellow.

Tech Talk Comics: Do Apple Owners Want A Microsoft Tablet ??

Last week Microsoft released it’s Window’s 8 devices.  Some of these devices such as their laptops  and desktops have enhanced touch screens something Apple’s Mac don’t have.  Microsoft may have stepped up the bar for desktops and laptops. In a comic done by  Snaggy and Nitrozac of The Joy of Tech they suggest Apple users maybe a bit jealous of the touchscreen hardware Microsoft has on the market. Do Apple owners want touchscreen Macs?? Check the comic after break Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

NBA: LeBron James Stars in ESPN & Marvel Comic Book (Available Now To Read)

Two years ago, LeBron James predicted he would win not one, not two, not three … but seven NBA titles. What if he was right?  ESPN the Mag and Marvel Comics have united to create LeBron: King of the Rings, an epic tale of zombies, clones, holograms, bionics and a star who will stop at nothing to fulfill his promise. We shared the cover with you last week, now you can read the comic book and see what it’s all about.  Check it out: GameTimeGirl

Kick: SN’EADS Creator REE Discusses Origin Of Comic Series & Current Sneaker Game W/ Nice Kicks

Check Sn’eads the creator as he discusses his sneaker comic book and other ventures including your favorite kicks! Hit the jump to see the kicks and read more… DJJuanyto

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