Remember the #Oscarssowhite twitter movement? Doctor Strange is the latest film to be called out. In the past the offenses have been about white actors portraying ancient Egyptians in movies like Exodus but this time the backlash goes to an Asian comic character.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange trailer came out last week and it featured some pretty dope visuals and a powerful portrayal of the sorcerer Dr.Strange. However, many were stunned to see Dr.Strange’s mentor who is portrayed in the comic books as an elderly Tibetan man portrayed by Tilda Swinton. Many are questioning if they couldn’t find a suitable Asian actor/actress to play the role. Marvel Studios president told EW that there reason for choosing Swinton was to “shy away from any stereotyping roles”. Also “that they liked the idea of having the Ancient One be a woman.” We respect the good intentions, but we think they might want to use more caution. Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think.