(Video) SMH, California Police Destroy Weed Dispensary And Eat Edibles

A video was recently released that shows the Santa Ana Police Department raiding Sky High Holistic Dispensary. During the raid, the police could be seen destroying property and ingesting WEED!! If that isn’t a$! backwards, then I don’t know what is.

(Video) Hilarious: OMG! Conan O’Brien Corrupts A Little Innocent Baby!! “VAGINA!!!”

LOL! Don’t. Let. Your. Kids. Watch. Conan! He will have your kids saying the craziest things. Now I understand why Madonna doesn’t let her kids watch TV, horrible influence! Watch the hilarious vid after the jump! Biz Baby

PSA: 50 Cent Is Taking A Stand And Wants To Know Who’s With Him!

50 Cent, like many of us, is clearly tired of living in this corrupted world. Fortunately, he has declared that he is taking a stand against it all and wants to know who’s rolling with him! Hit the jump to read what 50 wants the world to know! @capriSUNshine

Department of Justice Gives Puerto Rican Police A Failing Grade

Puerto Rican police officials are in turmoil after last week when the NY Times reported that the Department of Justice had uncovered corruption within the Puerto Rican Police Department. Full story after the jump!! Wendy L.

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