(Photos) NBA: DeMarcus Cousins To The Lakers?

The latest trade rumors from out in the Western Conference are coming from two Cali teams. The Kings are reportedly in talks with the Lakers to give up DeMarcus Cousins but what will they get in return?

(Video) Funny Fight: These Cousins Are No Kin To Floyd..Even In May Weather!

This is one of the funniest fights I’ve seen in a while. Dude in the blue’s dialogue throughout the fight had me rolling; and dude in the gray kept chopping his feet when he was getting ready to punch; chasing the cousin in blue around the parking lot. The contender in blue threw kicks and, at one point, himself after he got really tired! Supposedly, they were fighting over some girls or something, but I can’t call it. Just watch!

(Photo) Famous Cousins

There are a lot of famous cousins in Hollywood. Some you wouldn’t even guess were related and some they didn’t even know they were related. There are ancestry.com specialist who look into things like this for a living. Thats how she got real deep down into Justin Bieber’s roots to find out some of his famous cousins. Wale also has a famous cousin.

Redskins Had Eli Manning Looking Like The Man Of The Year In Last Nights Win 45-14

Last Nights’ Red Skin’s vs. Giants game was a bit heart breaking for ALL “Skins” fans. Eli Manning went to work on those boys completing 28 passes for 300 yards and also ran for a touchdown! The Giants are following the Eagles [3-0] with a record of 2-2.

(Video) FIBA: DeMarcus Cousins Nearly Gets Violent After A Hard Foul

The Sacramento star was hit in the throat by a Lithuanian player and it almost got ugly. Hit the jump for the video.

(Photos) Did You Know? Lil Fizz Is NOT Actually Jhene Aiko’s Cousin!

Back when B2K were on fire in the early 00’s, the guys attempted to use their fame to help launch the careers of singers close to them, including Omarion’s younger brother O’Ryan and Lil Fizz’s “cousin” Jhene Aiko. Jhene appeared alongside Fizz in B2K’s video for “Why I Love You,” wearing matching Lakers gear with her cuzzo and actually looking very much like him. She was introduced as Fizz’s cousin and put out some music back then, but nothing really popped off. Eventually, she took time off to finish school and have a baby (with O’Ryan actually, LOL), and is making plenty of noise now as a Def Jam artist with a completely new sound. But naturally, Fizz and B2K still get brought up. Turns out, they actually weren’t related at all!

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