(Video) Angelina Jolie Blasts World Powers Actions On Syria Crisis

Angelina Jolie sat with world powers on Friday as special envoy for the U.N on refugee issues. Frustrated, Jolie criticized the council on their current paralysis to tackle the issues at hand that has kept Syria in critical condition. Want to see how Jolie put the world powers on blast? Find out more after the jump!

Sarah Palin’s Thoughts On Intervening In Syria: Once Again “Let Allah Sort It Out”???

Former Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin, has no issue expressing her dissatisfaction with President Obama’s political decisions during his presidency. Having already said that she believed that we should “Let Allah Sort It Out” when it comes to the U.S aiding Syria earlier this summer, she has now took to her Face Book to reinstate her “message” on President Obama’s decision to intervene in Syria earlier this week. Hit the jump to see the post!

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