(Video) Jhene Aiko Curves Drake’s Hug On Live TV With A Mean Spin Move

On Saturday night, Drake was both the host and guest performer on the season opener of Saturday Night Live, bringing along newcomer Jhene Aiko to assist him with their collab, “From Time.” At the end of every episode, the entire cast and all of that night’s guests take to the stage to say their goodbyes to the audience and the camera, and the credits run as they then hug amongst themselves and congratulate each other on another great show in the books. As hugs were being handed out, you could see in Jhene Aiko’s eyes that she wasn’t sure what to do. No one was offering her a hug, and she probably didn’t know anyone well enough to offer them one, so she just sort of stood there awkwardly. Then, as a result of poor timing, she finally thought to spin around and put her back to the camera, but it was the same time Drake went to give her a hug…and it ended up as the most perfectly awkward moment ever! LOL! As a fellow socially awkward person, I TOTALLY feel this whole twirl move. Absolutely something I would have done! Many people feel that she curved him on purpose, but if you’re one of US, you can clearly see what was up. Ha! Watch it all go down below, and check out Jhene’s tweets in response to the incident in the gallery.

Tech Talk Leak: RIM’s 2012 Plan For Blackberry’s

LOL, Some People Just Don’t Learn, But see it for yourself, Maybe you’ll think it’s Good -_- This Come Courtesy of of @BGR, Thanks for the Heads up Fam!! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Rumor Is: RIM About To Sell???

I mean Maybe Not at the Very Moment as they may be Morning the Loss of the Great Late Steve Jobs, But Apparently The Rumor has circulated the Stock Market for the las 2 days and brought RIM’s Stock up by 14%, is is great for RIM since they were Down about 50% from last year, they are Leaking Value!! Hit the Jump To See what the Rumor Is about of Whom is thinking about buying them!! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: The NEW Blackberry Curve Is Official!!!

I didn’t get my hands on this one, but it looks kinda clean, it’s just this one doesn’t have that 1GHz processor, it has an 800MHz, which is cool, but not as fast, but hit the jump to see the rest of the specs! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: Full Video Of NEW Blackberry Thanks To Verizon!!!

This may or may not be the NEW Blackberry that was talked about on the BB Facebook page, I just don’t know with this company, but either way it’s getting the Community talking, the Bold 99930 Will be at Verizon soon enough, and to prove they have a video, like to see it? here it goes….After the Jump!! Tat WZA

Tech Talk Rumor Is: NEW Blackberry Drops Tomorrow!!!

 Lately we’ve only heard about Apple Rumor’s that have over excited us, and I’ve kinda been Telling people to go ahead and move away from Blackberry’s, but could RIM dropping NEW BB‘s help a recovery? Well only time will tell!!! But for now IF you Have to know about something NEW Blackberry has, Hit the Jump!! Tat WZA

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