NBA: Warriors Fire Back at Critics Who Say They Got Lucky Winning the Championship

There’s been talk that the Golden State Warriors got lucky on their quest to win the NBA Championship because they didn’t have to play the Spurs or Clippers and played the Cavaliers while Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were injured.  They’re now tired of the smack talk and fired back.

NBA: Klay Thompson On Doc Rivers & The Clippers: “I’m Pretty Sure We Smacked Them”

Doc Rivers pissed Klay Thompson off with comments about the Warriors being lucky, so much so that Klay had to remind Doc who runs the west currently. Recently, Doc made reference to the Warriors being lucky they didn’t have to face the Clippers. “You need luck in the West,” Rivers said. “Look at Golden State. They didn’t have to play us or the Spurs. But that’s also a lesson for us: When you have a chance to close, you have to do it.” As you might expect, those comments didn’t go over well with the reigning champs.

(Video) NBA: Mark Cuban Says Doc Rivers’ Professional Life Would’ve Been Over if DeAndre Jordan Left

DeAndre Jordan’s free agency debacle was the talk of the summer and apparently the two teams aren’t done trading quips just yet.  Jordan had agreed to a deal with the Dallas Mavericks but later backed out and re-signed with the Los Angeles Clippers after they literally travelled to his home and staged a sit in.  Jordan later apologized to Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for reneging on their deal but Cuban didn’t accept the apology and apparently he’s still bitter as he and Clippers coach and president of basketball operations, Doc Rivers continue to go in on each other.

NBA: Report, DeAndre Jordan Officially Tells Mavs No Thanks, Signs Four Year Deal To Stay With The Clippers

The Clippers waited around until the first possible chance they could to re-sign DeAndre Jordan in his own home while the Mavs could only hopelessly watch from afar. In the end it worked out for them as they got their man as Jordan agreed to stay in Hollywood and sign a four year deal with the Clippers.

(Photos) NBA: Beef That Supposedly Didn’t Exist With DeAndre Jordan & CP3 Is Holding Up Free Agency

Doc Rivers wanted to convince us that rumors of an alleged beef between DeAndre Jordan & Chris Paul was completely false. As we expected though, it turns out to be true and it seems that is part of the reason DeAndre can’t make up his mind yet as far as what team to sign with.

NBA: Doc Rivers Says Trades That Former Owner Donald Sterling Blocked Would Blow Our Mind

Doc Rivers is pretty much claiming it to be Donald Sterling’s fault that the Clippers aren’t as good as they should be here in 2015. According to Doc, some trades that the public never knew about because former racist owner Donald Sterling blocked them, would seriously would have changed things.

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