(Photo + Video) Police Prank Drivers By Pulling Them Over And Surprising Them With Ice Cream Cones

In a video, we see drivers getting surprised by officers with ice cream cones. The officers pull the driver over for violating “vehicle code 1739.” The nervous driver states she has no idea what that means which is when the officer tells her its when people drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone.

(Video) No Ride: Uber Drivers Protest In NYC Over Price Drop

Damn homie, last year you were the ride homie(s)! Recently Uber decided to drop the price by 15% of Uber X in order to gain more ridership, but the drivers see that as pay cuts, so they have decided to protest in front of the Uber offices today in LIC(Long Island City).

Smh…Wannabe Rapper Arrested For Giving Cop Mixtape Instead Of Driver’s License

Yeah…this really happened. This guy must have been really feelin’ himself for pulling a move like that, especially with all the police brutality running rampid. But nonetheless, this is funny…not so much for the arrestee lol. Hit the jump.

Detective Drunk At Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers Conference

Officials recently reported that a Pinellas Detective Michael Szeliga was on duty when witnesses say he made respectful remarks at a Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) conference several months ago.

(Video) Cop Caught On Hidden Camera Extorting A Driver

If it’s not one thing it’s another. In the most recent news of shitty things cops do, one officer from Philly was caught on hidden camera trying to extort a motorist. In the video the officer pulled over the driver and told him if he didn’t buy tickets to ‘support your police department’ he would take his car because it was unregistered. The officer clearly thought he was doing them a favor because he said, “support cops like me who instead of taking your shit you’re walking.” Check out the full video below.

Uber Passenger Claims She Was Kidnapped; Uber Claims Driver Just Went On The Wrong Route?

This might be the ultimate he said;she said, Passenger is saying the driver went all kinds or the wrong way, then went to a empty parking lot and locked the doors, which is pretty descriptive, but Uber is pretty much saying the opposite.

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