Teck Talk App: Did Skype For Android Turn Into BBM???

Skype just updated it’s Android App, and I have to say, some aspects mod def remind me of BBM, Hit the Jump! +TatWZA

Tech Talk Shopping: Check Out The Sweet Deal For Verizon Wireless 4G Customers!!!

A few of the major cellular carriers no longer offer unlimited data for their smartphones. If you use your phone heavy it can be annoying trying to avoid overage fees. Well check out the deal on data Verizon Wireless is offering for 4G customers after the jump. WZA on Google+ X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

Tech Talk Leak: Droid 4 Spotted Ahead Of Schedule!!!

This is interesting since Droid 3 came out not that long ago, but a very clean enhancement could very well be the reason why, Hit the Jump! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk News: Will Verizon Stop The Freedom Of The Motorola RZR???

I ask because apparently Motorola is Shipping the NEW RZR with boot loaders, which gives Androids the ability to ‘Jailbreak’, BUT it depends on Carriers IF they want to keep it that way, and Verizon is the Only confirmed Carrier for the RZR. Hit the Jump for some more Details. WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Device: Motorola’s NEW RZR !!!

I’m not the biggest Google fan right now, being Threatened and all, But Motorola(Google Owns them now) has dropped a NEW art phone with an OLD Name, Remember the RZR feature phone?? Well they now have a smartphone by that very Name, Hit the Jump on Specifics! WZA on Google+

Tech Talk Event: Motorola Has An Announcement Coming!!!!

It could be a number of anythings, I mean the Xoom 2 is coming, The Atrix 2 is coming and something called the Spyder aka the Motorola Razor is coming, all supposed to be about Speed, Being smarter, and thinner, which if you hit the jump, you’ll see that the Video suggests just that!!! WZA on Google+

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