Boxing: Uh-Oh! Floyd Mayweather Accused of Orchestrating BRUTAL Attack on 2 Employees; Injuries Are Bad!

Yikes! Floyd Mayweather is one man I wouldn’t mess with.  Mayweather is accused of orchestrating a savage attack on two of his employees he suspected of stealing his jewelry.  They were hired to work on his Vegas home when some jewelry went missing — and they got BEAT DOWN. Hit the jump for more details…

Fast Food Employees Dish On The #1Item You Should Never Order From These Establishments!

The latest Reddit questionnaire will make you rethink the guilty midnight or occasional indulgences you may dip into when say there’s a McDonald’s, Hot Dog Truck, or even my personal sinful treat Starbucks around! Fast Food employees and Restaurant workers have confessed to some of the worst things you could order from their work place, check out their responses below.

(Video) Top Lies Told By SeaWorld Employees!

SeaWorld is known as every kids’ ocean wonderland, with animal focused entertainment shows, surrounding the park, the place seems like a fishes utopia. Yet the world falls very short of a fantasy for the marine mammals forced to constantly entertain daily under tough circumstances. Hit the jump to view the 3 lies told by SeaWorld employees!

(Video) Microsoft Makes Parody Of iPhone, Then Yanks It Down, But We Got It!!

Although Microsoft is in last place in the mobile movement they had time to make a parody video teasing that the New iPhones are a pointless idea. BUT then the tech community laughed at them for having the nerve to take time to make a video and not having a superior product themselves. So Microsoft took the video down, and all of this happened yesterday.

MLB: Farewell Tour – Check Out What Mariano Rivera Is Doing In Each City He Visits With Yankees!

I LOVE this! Yankees closer Mariano Rivera is going out in a memorable way!!  Check out what he’s doing in each city he visits with the Yankees — as his way to say thank you.  See there are still kind, caring people out there! Report after the jump…

Sports (Report): ESPN Laying Off Hundreds of Employees

Damn, this is sad to see.  I can’t even imagine losing my job. ESPN is reportedly laying off nearly 400 employees.  Details after the jump…

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