NBA: Crazy! Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Asked FBI To Investigate NBA Finals In 2006

Mark Cuban was really upset back in 2006 when the Mavericks lost to the Miami heat in the NBA finals. But nobody knew he was this upset. Many fans even to this day still feel that particular series was “suspect” to say the least in regards to the way the games were officiated. The Mavs were up 2-0 in the series before losing 4 straight and watching Dwyane Wade set a new record for free throws as well as some other sketchy calls. Cuban was so irate he actually got the FBI involved to investigate the NBA and the officiating. See what happened after the jump.

(Photos) Facebook Selfie Gets Bank Robber BUSTED!!

I just don’t understand how people don’t figure this out for themselves, aside from me letting you know who’s getting caught up. I mean you are either thug or not, no need to post it on your social media, at least the real thugs I know.

(Video) Real Life ‘GoodFella’ Arrested In Mob Bust?!

Vincent Asaro, one of the mobsters the ‘Goodfellas’ movie was based on, was finally arrested by the FBI for a decades old case. Asaro and 4 other members of the Bonanno crime family were arrested for the Lufthansa Heist in 1978. The Lufthansa Heist, depicted in the mobster movie as well, is described as “organized crimes most storied heist.” The 78 year old has maintained a low profile at his Howard Beach residence. FBI agents arrested Asaro on Thursday and took him to their headquarters at 26 Federal Plaza. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Photos) Man Detained By The FBI At The Movies Because He Had Google Glass

A man in the Glass Explorer Program posted on the Glass forum user’s have, that he has gone through a horrible event while going to the movies with his wife, and after the speeding ticket that most of America knows about, at least the part of America that knows about Glass, I thought y’all would want to know about this!

Insane Clown Posse Sues FBI For Improper Labeling Of Their Juggalos As A Gang

Some artists are lucky enough to have such hardcore fans, that radio and TV play mean little to nothing, as they can make a full living off the fans buying tickets and merchandise. Insane Clown Posse is one such group, with their loyal followers, the Juggalos. Unfortunately. the Juggalos go so hard that the FBI recently labeled them a “loosely organized hybrid gang,” and naturally, the ICP guys are PISSED. ICP say that the 2011 FBI report has led to ‘unwarranted harassment’ of their fans by law enforcement, and they want it to end ASAP. They even have several fans as a party to the suit, citing various examples of the harassment, like one that’s been stopped multiple times by cops because of his ICP clothing, and another that was forced to remove his Juggalo tattoos in order to enlist in the military. ICP says the FBI report violates their constitutional right to free speech as well as their right to associate with whoever they want.

(Video) FBI Releases Video Surveillance Of Navy Yard Shooter Roaming Hallways With Shot Gun

DC Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis had a long list of mental illness complications, which caused the former Navy employee to release fire, killing 12 innocent bystanders in the building just before getting into a shootout with police that left him dead. The FBI just released exclusive video footage of 34-year-old Alexis prowling around the hallways with his sawed-off shot gun as he looked for people to shoot dead. Check out the disturbing footage below.

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