A man in the Glass Explorer Program posted on the Glass forum user’s have, that he has gone through a horrible event while going to the movies with his wife, and after the speeding ticket that most of America knows about, at least the part of America that knows about Glass, I thought y’all would want to know about this!

Tat Wza

On Sat evening an Ohio man and his wife went to a movie theater that he always goes to, and has even gone with his Glass on 2 times before, with the regular amount of questions about Glass from the Employees. As he and his wife were watching the new Jack Ryan; Shadow Recruit, he(and his wife) was pulled out of the movie. The story from here is a bit disturbing with the way he was treated, especially when it was all under an assumption and without actual evidence.

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Now I totally understand the copyright issue’s from Bootlegging and Piracy, But seriously, you should understand the technology they are suspecting before they take it to the next level. Besides Glass not built for recording a video Movie length, and overheating, but the way someone will have to hold their head SUPER steady, and the actual quality with NO focus will not sell well, even on the bootleg market, i mean it’s not 1993, this is a digital age, people are used to high quality bootlegs.

Now this gentleman doesn’t think it was worth getting this story out here, and doesn’t want people to be scared of getting Glass(for when it eventually hits the open market), but his story should most def get out there, and specifically for the purpose of making more aware of Glass AND to NOT be scared to purchase them. People should know that Glass is Safe and will not get them jammed up, and Police should not be scared of people wearing them, other than them taping the occasional bad cop behavior, hands free.