Freeway Rick Ross & Flex Talk Snowfall, Finding Drug Connect, Building Motels & More #WeGotaStoryToTell015 [VIDEO]

Another incredible story in the #WGAStT series, this time touching down on the west side with one of the biggest street legends period from the crack era, Mr. Freeway Rick Ross.

(Photo) Freeway Rick Ross Offers Bobby Shmurda Jail Advice

Freeway Rick Ross Offers Bobby Shmurda Jail Advice Still pushing a public awareness campaign about the realities of his drug dealing past and time in prison, Freeway Rick Ross recently spoke with AllHipHop about advice he’d give Bobby Shmurda in jail and his current relationship with MMG rapper Rick Ross.

Freeway Rick Ross Still Trying To Get The Rights To The Name “Rick Ross”…Trial Date Scheduled

It ain’t over ’til the ex-kingpin gets his money and the image to his name back !!! Yesterday, in LA Freeway Rick Ross and Warner Brothers’s attorneys went to Superior court where a trail date has been set for the month of August. Freeway RR told All Hip-Hop that some big names like Sean Combs and Lyor Cohen will be testifying in court. Even after the attempt to sue before, Freeway Rick Ross is saying that rapper Rozay is still trying to live off of his image. “This guy is literally trying to have people confuse him with me as an actual person,” he adds. Freeway is really upset now since Rozay has released his trailer for his new “Mastermind” album. The trailer consists of a shot of the cover from the soundtrack to the 1972 movie “Superfly.” “He uses Mastermind that’s exactly how the Wall Street Journal described me and my life story. In every interview I mention ‘Superfly’ as the movie that pushed me into powder cocaine. I even said it in the VH1′s ‘Planet Rock: The Story of Hip Hop and The Crack Generation,’ that was shown around the world. Then he comes out with this new video with the ‘Superfly’ movie cover as the centerpiece?” It looks like Freeway RR has his ducks all lined up and just may get somewhere this time. Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) Freeway Rick Ross Is Trying To “Unite The Country” With A Biography ???

The guy whose had three rappers name themselves after him has hooked up with writer Nick Cassavetes, to create a biography. Most likely it’s going to be based on Freeway RR’s previous drug lord life. He’s confirmed that some of our faves like Snoop, Dre, and Game will be involved in the project. “Definatly gon’ have Game, because he hometown,” says Freeway RR. This project is suppose to be something that will unite the country. I wonder if he really thinks that his life will bring the WHOLE U.S. together ??? Drop down bottom for more. JaaiR (JR)

Rick Ross Wins Legal Battle Over The Rights To His Name

You should know by now that “Rick Ross” is not the MMG bawse’s name at all. William Roberts is his government, but his stage name is inspired by kingpin drug dealer “Freeway” Ricky Ross. Freeway tried to take Rozay to court over the name but a judge has ruled in Rozay’s favor. Details below. Marisa Mendez

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