Another incredible story in the #WGAStT series, this time touching down on the west side with one of the biggest street legends period from the crack era, Mr. Freeway Rick Ross.

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So many gems dropped in this, which I’m sure are in his book, go cop that! Right here right now though, there’s a story you wanna hear. Starting off with he’s from Texas but the fam moved there when he was young, and early until HS he was popping in tennis looking up to the late Great Arthur Ashe. Moving into the streets eventually, he got in to the car vanishing business but when he got into the drug game… combining the crack era hitting and meeting THE connect(like the Nicaragua Connect in bed with the CIA)… that’s when he took off:

Very very very smart man, the things he has yet to do, and the things he’s done even, yes irrevocable damage, caused but how he did it, scaling, most in the hood wouldn’t have been able to do that, so really the things he COULD have done had he not gotten into the streets, held out to read & write, became an engineer or even computer scientist and been running a Google rn.