Gross: Woman Finds A Fingertip In Her Salad At Applebees

Imagine having dinner at a restaurant with your family and next thing you know you’re chowing down on a finger tip instead of a chicken tender. Well that’s exactly what happened to a California woman when she was having dinner with her family at a local Applebee’s. That’s so nasty! Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

(Video) NBA: Shaq Gets A Pedicure On His Ugly Feet & Surprise, He Paints His Toes Like Dwyane Wade

Is men getting their toenails painted some new fad I wasn’t aware of? Earlier this week everyone had a laugh when Dwyane Wade showed off his toes which were all painted black. Shaq took his big ugly feet to get a pedicure himself yesterday and besides how gross his feet looked, his nails were also painted, but in a red color! This is something I will never be doing but judging by the look on the girls face, the toe nail color was the last thing she was worried about.

SMH! HOW Many People Were Arrested At Jay Z & Beyonce’s “On The Run Tour” Stop In Pasadena??

It seems like some fans of Jay & Bey were extremely unhappy that the power couple is on the last leg of their “On The Run” Tour. Over the weekend, a total of 11 concert-goers were arrested. More info after the jump.

LOL Walmart’s Ice Cream Sandwiches Don’t Melt In The Sun

Isn’t ice cream supposed to melt if it isn’t kept in the freezer? Well not according to Walmart it seems. The Walmart brand “Great Value” ice-cream sandwiches do NOT melt in the sun. Even when left out for 12 hours on a hot summer day! This discovery was made by Christie Watson a local mother who was feeding the non-melting desserts to her children.

Which Celebrity Got A TAMPON Tossed On Stage (VERY GROSS!)?

Celebrities get bras, phone numbers, shirts, panties and TAMPONS tossed on stage to them all the time! Ewwww. While on a Bravo show RICKY MARTIN admitted that the most disgusting, creepy thing a fan has chucked at him was a tampon. He claims the tampon did not touch him, but it still reached the stage. EWW AGAIN!

(Video) Umm, This Is Disturbing: Man Shows Off His 14.5 Inch Back-Tail

While I write this blog post, I almost threw up the pizza I just ate because this is freaking gross (but still VERY intriguing to watch). 35-year-old Chandre Oraon has been crowned as some sort of King in India due to his oddly long 14.5 inch back-tail (you know, like a long tail of hair growing from your back). The man was born with wispy appendage, which many villagers believe is a sign that he is “an incarnation of Hindu monkey God Hanuman.” Yeah, we don’t know either. Check out the crazy video below!

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