It seems like some fans of Jay & Bey were extremely unhappy that the power couple is on the last leg of their “On The Run” Tour. Over the weekend, a total of 11 concert-goers were arrested. More info after the jump.

Jamaal Fisher

Among the arrested was a Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica “on suspicion of sexual battery and mayhem” after he groped a woman and bit off part of another man’s finger. It began when he, first, groped the womb. Immediately after, a fight broke out with the woman’s boyfriend when he resorted to biting. The 25-year-old his currently being held on $100,000 bail. In addition to Alcaraz-Garnica, eight concert-goers were arrested for public drunkenness and two more for ticket scalping.

By the way, the “On The Run” tour is set to gross up to $100 million, making it the second largest grossing tour ever.