Kanye West’s “Outstanding” Music Remains On Barack Obama’s iPad!

How can we all forget about Barack Obama’s famous Kanye West, “He’s a jacka**” line? WE CAN’T! The thick blood between the two has been all but silent, but that hasn’t stopped our nation’s President from praising Kanye’s musical talents. During a People Magazine interview [set to release, Friday, Dec. 27th], Obama was asked who he’d rather hang with, KimYe or the family of Duck Dynasty. See what he has to say after the jump.

(Video) Ruzzle’s New iPad Version Does What?!

I have this app on my iPhone but I don’t play it, it’s only there because I know it’s(or was) super popular. This new iPad version is kinda dope though, a new 2 player on 1 screen situation, Dope!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Smash And Grab At An Apple Store!!!

Ummm, Not how I would have done it, but then again, besides not being a thief(anymore), I really respect technology!!

(Photos) The All New iPad Air & Retina iPad Mini !!!!!

I mean the new iPad Air has me really thinking about finally getting an iPad, I mean they named it an air! And they finally gave the Mini a retina display, I’m not sure if the price is something I can deal with(still), but let’s see what happens this time.

Apple Is Having A Press Event For WHAT??!!

Apple sent out press invites for an event being held on October 22nd. On the invite it only says “We still have a lot to cover.”

(Photo+Video) It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye….Remembering Steve Jobs

It has been 2 long and reflective year since the late Great Steve Jobs left us down here on earth. It’s almost impossible to really understand how much Mr. Jobs contributed to the evolution and advancement of the human race as a whole. 02/24/1955-10/05/2011

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