(Video) iPhone 7 Lightning Port Headphone Adapter Leaks!

This has been a sour spot amongst users, ‘how will we use the headphones we already have?’, well the potential adapter for the lightning port has leaked, allegedly.

(Video) Atlanta Man Held At Gun Point After Trying To Steal A Car

A man in Atlanta was arrested after he hopped into another man’s car at a Family Dollar and told him to get out. The car owner, Hashim Fannin, pulled his gun on the man and proceeded to call police for assistance. Click more to check out the video!

Twins To Play In Fast & Furious 7 Are Getting Paid – Tremendously!

Charlie and Miller Kimsey will play Jack, the son of Paul Walker’s character in the upcoming, Fast & Furious 7. The cool thing about it is, their pay checks. Banking! Drop down to find out how much these look-a-likes will be stacking.

(Video) James Cameron Clears Up Titanic And Why Jack Had To Die!

James Cameron is clearing up rumors regarding the characters Jack and Rose from  the movie , Titanic. Although it has been many  years since the movie was released , fans questioned why Jack was not able to get on the plank with Rose in the famous water scene. The moment Jack was not able to get on the plank and died, created questions as to why? He cleared up the reason he didn’t get on with Rose, which then caused him a freezing death in the middle of the ocean after the Titanic sunk. Hit the jump Steph B

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