(Video) Raqi Thunda Spills The Beans About Joe Budden Chockin’ Her Out Off That Molly

I mean, how many times…??? Raqi Thunda sits down and goes over another rendition of how Joey put them “paws” on her. Joe admitted to being off molly the whole summer prior to the show being aired, so now she needs to express her emotions on it all. Raqi says that his strength was like the “Hulk”. Well duh, crack will do that to you. You know how they say you won’t catch a crack-head in a foot-race? Drop down bottom and check it out.

(Video) #BlackRicanJew Speaks To Joe Budden About Tahiry Having MENTAL Issues !!!

Let’s clear the air, NOTHING is alleged – Joey did sent Tahiry those text messages and Tahiry did leak this out. I respect Joey’s honesty. He admits to why he sent the text messages and that his girlfriend had already knew about it. Not maliciously, but Joe thinks that Tahiry “needs therapy”. She emotionally scorned. The thing about it is that Joey seems to be the cause of that emotional scorn, so what does he say then? Drop down bottom and check out Joe Budden and the Hot 97 morning crew.

(Video) Did Tahiry Say That Joe Budden Was Using Drugs While They Were Together ???

VladTV sits another person in the hot seat. I still want to know why in the hell would Joey break up with this woman ??? On another note, Tahiry fills us in on her perspective of Joey’s “relapse”. Joe once broke his finger and the prescriptions could have been what started it all. Drop down bottom and see if he was on while they were together.

(Photo) Full House Cast Reunite Years Later!

Time sure does fly! Click below to see the cast of Full House, minus the Olsen twins, in an updated photo for their 25th anniversary! a href=”http://twitter.com/elomelo22″>Eloisa Melo

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