WTF??? A Woman Is Suing Apple For WHAT???

A lady in Florida is suing Apple for $5 million over a faulty power button on her iPhone4. She filled it as a class action lawsuit in San Jose, CA and says its on behalf of users that go on to Apple’s forums.

Mac Miller Responds To Trump Lawsuit Threat, Then Trump Says What?!?!

Mac Miller Vs. Donald Trump Round 2, No Fight?!? So, Recently a War or words has erupted between Mac Miller and Donald Trump, and after a lawsuit threat Mac has re-changed his tune of Not Liking The Donald to “Be Friends”, and although Mr. Trump did Not @ Mac this time, or even say his name, he did tweet after Mac did, could he be talking to Mac?!? We may never know(unless Donald @’s him at some point, or actually begins a law suit, those we’d know), but hit the gallery to see where this ‘Drama’ is at!!

Wrongly Jailed Man Is Set To Cash In !!! Guess How Much He’s Talking!?!?

Eric Glisson is free, but that doesn’t mean a thing! Hit The Jump for the full story. AliTheGreatest

Instagram Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Due To TOS Change

It was the big news of the week; Instagram changes their Terms of Service and everyone cries in an uproar! They even responded after the fact, clarifying they would not sell off your pics. Basically, Instagram would sell off your photos for a promotion or marketing plan which would generate $0 in revenue to the user actually responsible for the pic. Even after Instagram’s CEO retracted the clause, popular artists’ accounts and major accounts such as National Geographic shut down their accounts. The first, of many?, has come forward with a class action lawsuit. Jump to hear her case against Instagram. Tat Wza

George Zimmerman Sues NBC For Slanderous Video

George Zimmerman, who came to national scrutiny when he killed Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012. The video of his voice call with the police department had been cut and choppped to paint Mr. Zimmerman in a negative light, making him look like a racist to the public by splicing his words in sound bites. Mr. Zimmerman filed a law suit against NBC for the video that made it seem like Zimmerman offered information about Trayvon’s race that was ultimately only said after he we was being asked a series of questions. Hit the Jump for more. PaulDaPro

Here We Go! Game Responds To 40 Glocc’s Lawsuit…”I’ll Beat Your A** Again”!!!

A few days ago, news broke that 40 was suing game over the summer altercation, Now TMZ reports what Game has to say about it! Wza

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