(Video) NBA: No Mercy! Lol, Kevin Durant Teaches His Niece A Lesson

He had to?! Lol. I don’t think balling with Kevin Durant is easy for anyone, but he taught his niece a nice lesson. She keeps training with him though, I bet she’ll be in the WNBA in no time. Check it out…

(Video) Kid Breaks His Own Nose Trying To Teach Something A Lesson!

This kid might have been practicing to take down a bully.  He decided to act upon a punching bag and told it “he’ll teach i.t” Well directly after punching it with all his might the bag sprung right back at him and knocked him out!  Um, yes do not try and do this, hit the jump. Steph B

Grandparents Put A Baby In The Stove?!

Well it seems like there were two Grandparents who thought it was time to teach their son a lesson and apparently they put his baby in the oven just to scare him. But before you freak out, the baby was not hurt. However it is a pretty odd way to teach your son a lesson. Keep reading to find out the whole story! Funk Flex

NBA: Dwight Howard Has No Regrets & One Of The Lessons He Learned With Trade To Lakers

While his long-term future remains uncertain, there is one thing Dwight Howard knows for sure — even after countless rounds of talks for his services between several teams over many months. GameTimeGirl

NBA Rookies Get Lesson On Dealing With ‘Certain’ Women; LeBron Chimes In

From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like NBA rookies have a lot of on-court issues to worry about during their adjustment to the professional ranks: The style of play, the schedule, new teammates, etc. But recently, several high-profile NBA rookies have opened up about one surprising factor that can derail a successful career: Conniving women. As a woman, I hate to agree with this.  BUT it’s true.  There are some extra thirsty, gold digging women that want to date an athlete JUST for fame and money. SMH. I think it’s a great a idea to give the rooks a lesson. Sabrina B.

(Video) Boxing: Mike Tyson (@MikeTyson) Gives Justin Bieber A Lesson In Boxing

Sabrina B. Damn, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually jealous of the the Biebs! Lol.  I’d love to get a boxing lesson from Mike Tyson! Justin swung by Mike’s place during the weekend of the Billboard Music Awards to say hi to the family & Iron Mike took him straight to garage and had him hit the bags.

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