Dr. Luke’s Lawyer Releases Statement About Ke$ha, Says Allegations Are “Outright Lies”

Dr. Luke in case you missed, is the music producer who allegedly drugged and raped pop star Ke$ha. Well, his lawyer, Christine Lepera, just released a statement which describes Luke’s innocence, as well as claimed the allegations are “outright lies”. Hit the jump for the full statement.

NFL: Man Who Claimed To Have Gay Relationship With Kordell Stewart Admits He Made The Whole Story Up

The threat of a lawsuit made Andrew Caldwell change his tune real fast. Not long after Kordell Stewart said he was filing a lawsuit against Caldwell for damaging his reputation with lies about a gay romance, Caldwell came clean and admitted his entire story was false.

(Photos) NBA: Stephen A Smith Rips Kevin Durant For Calling Him A Liar, Goes Off On Him

Now, you didn’t expect Stephen A Smith to stay quiet about this did you? I know most of us hoped he wouldn’t respond but he couldn’t help himself. Stephen A heard KD called him a liar and went off on Durant for his remarks.

NBA: Kevin Durant Calls Stephen A Smith A “Liar” Over Lakers Rumors, Claims He Never Speaks To Him

Kevin Durant is already on edge when it comes to dealing with the media and he should be. He has had to listen to constant nonsense rumors over the years about himself & Russell Westbrook not getting along, the constant negativity large portions of the media like to revel in, mistreatment and more. After today you can add Stephen A Smith to the list of people KD probably wants nothing to do with ever.

NBA: Mark Cuban Says DeAndre Jordan Is A Big Liar! Said He Was On A Date When Clippers Were At His Home

Mark Cuban is starting to speak on more details about what really happened the other night with DeAndre Jordan, The Clippers and himself. Cuban is saying DeAndre is a big liar after he claims DeAndre told him he was out on a date when Clippers players and coach Doc Rivers were actually inside his home with him.

NFL: Report, Patriots Are Expecting Lengthy Suspension For Tom Brady

The golden boy of the NFL may soon find himself watching Patriots games from home just like another fan. After the Wells Report was released and essentially called Brady a cheater and said he personally knew the balls were being deflated, reactions have been very mixed. The ball is now in the commissioner’s court and he is expected to rule this week but the Patriots are already preparing for the worst.

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