Whoa! Birth Control May Soon Be Available For WHO!?!?

Guys! Lookout, Scientists are now testing alternatives for male birth control. As of now, many are worried about the side effects. Hit the jump and catch exactly what this means.

(VIDEOS) NFL: Damn!! Man Caught Punching Woman In The Face After Jets Game!

Really?!  This is what’s happening out there?!  C’mon b!  There’s never a reason for violence at a sporting event, but for a man to punch a woman in the face is just unacceptable!! SMH. Video & details after the jump…

(Video) Man Does THIS After Finding Out That His Prostitute Was A Man!!!

43-year-old Charles Sargent of Philly’s Strawberry Mansion section is in hot water after allegedly killing a prostitute he had sex with, once he found out that it was a man. Apparently, he was the victim of a cover-up. But, once he was aware that he just had sex with a man, he killed him, later dumping his body in a vacant lot. Find out what he used in the murder after the jump.

History Has Been Made: The First Male To Grace The Cover Of Elle Magazine

Actually, he’s a male, but he can pull off both genders. He had me fooled. Usually, there is a bright a bubbley woman on the cover of Elle, but with Andrej Pejic’s multi-gendered look, he has pulled it off. I can see the doors opening now for more males on the cover. Drop down bottom to see the cover of Elle. JaaiR (JR)

(Video) Rapper Kisses Male In His Video!

The rapper Murs, decided to make a bold move and kiss another guy in the video for his song “Animal Style”. I can only imagine the type of backlash he will receive for it, but he definitely is receiving some praise since he tweeted, “ Thanks for all the positive energy and love shown for the new video ya’ll.”  Hit the jump. Steph Bassanini

Second Accuser Drops Lawsuit Against John Travolta

Yay! My guy is in the clear! After accuser number one has already dropped his [clearly bogus] lawsuit against John Travolta, it looks like accuser number 2 is following suit. Details below. Marisa Mendez

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