(Videos) Black Lives Matters Interrupts Hillary Clinton

These interruptions during presidential campaigning just get more interesting as the elections get closer. This time, Hillary Clinton becomes another victim of circumstance. Explore this post for more details.

(Video) Nice!! Arsenio Hall Chimes In On Race And Hip-Hop!!

First and foremost, you should know that Arsenio Hall is as important to mainstream hip-hop as your favorite radio station. He was one of, if not, the first late night show hosts to showcase rappers on his show. So it’s only right for the music world to listen in the few times that he critiques various aspects of the culture. Check out what he has to say about bars and race in hop-hop.

Study Shows Size Does Matter!!

A Scottish psychologist studied the sexual appetites of 323 women and discovered that women reach orgasm more easily when their lover’s manhood is atleast 5.8 inches long. The study shows that women who engage in intercourse with well endowed men had more orgasms. Sounds about right to me, but see what the scientist had to say. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

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