Hillary Clinton

These interruptions during presidential campaigning just get more interesting as the elections get closer. This time, Hillary Clinton becomes another victim of circumstance. Explore this post for more details.

Black Lives Matters Interrupts Hillary Clinton

Black Lives Matters demonstrators shouting “say her name” disrupted a Hillary Clinton campaign stop in Cleveland yesterday (Thursday).


One of the derailers at the event, Angela Peoples, said after the event “we called on [Clinton] to actually have a conversation with black trans women and take their lead.”

“Hillary Clinton must stand with Black people, especially Black trans women, by refusing to accept funds from or bundled by executives of or lobbyists for private prison companies—and investing the money she’s already accepted from those companies in the work toward Black trans liberation,” said Rian Brown, an organizer with GetEQUAL, in a statement sent to Fusion. “Until that happens, we cannot for a moment think that Hillary believes Black Lives Matter.”

“We can’t have a serious conversation with Hillary Clinton about policy until she returns donations and refuses to accept future donations from lobbyists and lawyers affiliated with the private prison industry.”

Black Lives Matters Interrupts Hillary Clinton