(Video) Woman Mauled To Death By Tiger In China

In a graphic video, we see a woman being mauled to death in China by a Tiger. In the video we see the attack take place at Badaling Wildlife Park in Beijing after the daughter got out of the car and walked to the other side.

(Video) Man Mauled By Two Pitbulls In The Bronx, NY, Owner Arrested

Police report that a 62-year-old man was nearly killed in a dog attack by two pitbulls as neighbors attempted to intervene in the Bronx Friday morning.

(*Graphic**Photo*) Check Out What Happens When You Leave The Tiger Gate Open While It’s Feeding Time!!

Will they ever learn? Another Zookeeper is dead while attempting to feed tigers. But this time, it was in front of visitors! It turns out that when it came time to feed the tigers, the keeper forgot to lock the door holding them. As he laid the food out, a tiger crept up behind him, pouncing him, and killing him with a single bite to the throat. Check out the pics after the jump.

Woman Wins $4 Million In Chimpanzee Settlement

Charla Nash a 57 year old New England woman was awarded $4 million in a settlement after her brother filed a lawsuit on her behalf seeking $50 million in damages from the estate of a woman who owned a Chimpanzee that mauled Nash years ago. Sandra Herold the owner of the Chimpanzee recently passed away, but the incident at Herold’s house the day her pet Chimpanzee Travis was on the loose is a day that changed Nash’s life forever. Ms. Nash was called to help lure Travis back in the house but Travis went crazy and mauled Nash, ripping off her hands, lips, nose, eye lids, and leaving her blind, before being shot to death by a police officer on site. Nash’s brother says that the amount of money awarded is meaningless when considering the status of his sisters life but hopefully that $4 million can help her cope with the events of that traumatic day. Check the gallery above for Photos of the victim and the culprit. PaulDaPro

Mastiff Mauls Illinois Firefighter

Dawn Brown, a 44 year old Firefigther of Big Rock, Illinois was found dead on Monday by her husband. The cause of death, a Mastiff she had adopted from a relative just a week earlier. Her husband tried first aid when he found her but it was apparent that she was already dead. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Two-Year-Old Boy Mauled To Death @ Pittsburgh Zoo

A two-year-old boy lost his balance and fell over the railings at a Pittsburgh Zoo.  He fell into a dog pit full of African wild dogs and was mauled to death by several of them. Zookeepers and police tried to save the boy and shoot down the dogs with darts, but failed to do so.  According the workers at the zoo, the African Painted dogs were in pack mentality and were not responding to the ways that people tried to stop them, so their methods became ineffective.  Hit the jump Steph B

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