TRAGIC: Venezuelan Soap Star Viciously Murdered With Daughter By Her Side!

Monica Spear, soap star as well as Miss Venezuela 2004 along with her ex-husband, Henry Thomas Berry were viciously gunned down. Spear, her ex and their young daughter were waiting for a tow truck that had broken down on the side the highway, when a band of highway robbers in Venezuela decided to take advantage. The trio hopped back into the van to try and avoid trouble, only to have the robbers open fire. Sadly, Spear and Berry didn’t survive, but thankfully the 5-year-old child did – with injuries. Terrible. Check out the scene.

Pastor Shot And Killed During Sermon???

A Louisiana Pastor was shot and killed while preaching his Friday night sermon to a packed church, hit the jump for more details!

(Warning*Graphic*18+*Video) Man Does Dance After Murdering His Wife & Her Mother

I want to say this Evil mother F***er, I want to say He should go to Jail for the rest of his Life…I want to say all that, but I can’t. This is footage from Thailand and I’m not sure he’ll get tracked down as their law enforcement isn’t the same, But hit the Jump.

SO SAD! Dream Chaser Lil Snupe Dead At 18!!! #R.I.P.

It saddens me to inform everyone that signed artist of Meek Mill’s DreamChasers is dead at the age of 18. Lil Snupe who had just celebrated his birthday on June 12th was in his prime and had nothing but great things ahead of him. Ready to rhyme at the drop of a dime! That voice and his skills were originals and can’t be mocked. Our condolences goes out to his friends, family, and all of those DreamChasers. Hit the jump for more.

IFWT Remembers Corey McGriff aka Megatron

This is one of those days…one of those days I just Don’t look forward to. Although I Love remembering My Dude, How he was Just Such a Truly Great Person, To his Core! He always Looked out for the people in his life, and a lot of times even before himself!! The only solice in today is knowing the CHUMP that did this to him is locked up, and I rarely wish harm on people, but I actually hope that guy meets some ‘trouble’ at some point(soon), because he took a Really Great Person from all of us!! WE MISS YOU MEGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NBA: What?! Murdered Player Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Spent Most of the $1M Life Insurance In Less Than A Year!

The ex-wife of late NBA star Lorenzen Wright is under fire for spending $973K of a $1 million insurance payout in just 10 months. Lorenzen Wright was murdered in 2010 and the case remains unsolved. The whole case is just crazy to me. I talked to a few people that do think her spending habits are bananas (including myself), but there are others that think it’s easy and possible. Check out what she spent the money on & let us know what you think.

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