WHOA: Yahoo Is Changing Its Name To WHAT?!

In one of the more shocking things I’ve heard in a while (and that says a lot,) Yahoo has announced they will officially be changing their name upon Verizon’s acquisition of the company in upcoming months. A cool 12 years ago, Microsoft had offered to buy Yahoo for over $45 billion, but they turned it down…and now have to accept a $5 billion buyout from Verizon after a failure to turn the company around in recent years. CEO Marissa Mayer will exit the company’s board, as will Yahoo co-founder David Filo. But, on to this name change…

Joe Budden Reveals He Almost Changed His Rap Name

In promo of his October 21st album, Rage & The Machine, Joe Budden chopped it up with Karen Civil for an interview. He revealed a few things including that he was marginally close to changing the stage name that has gotten him hit songs and Eminem’s co-sign and sign!

Legally: Can You Call Me Caitlyn Jenner, The Girl?

Caitlyn Jenner is taking his/her transgender change to the full stretch. He/She has a new outer appearance and has the world calling him/her Caitlyn, so why not legally change the gender (rhetorical). The 65-year-old dad/mom has filed legal documents requesting a judge grants him/her the official gender change, however, with this change request comes a few secrets that Caitlyn is afraid of getting out. Find out more.

(Video) T.I. Officially Changes His Name To Tip And Drops A New EP ‘Da’ Nic’

It’s been a long time coming, but rapper T.I. has officially changed his name to Tip. Along with his name change, the Atlanta native has dropped a 5 song E.P. titled “Da’ Nic”. Check out what he had to say about the name change and upcoming projects below.

Uh Oh! Frank Ocean Wants To Change His Name But He Can’t Because Of THIS!

R&B crooner Frank Ocean has his heart set on changing his name but unfortunately for him, he has to resolve some legal issues first. The “Thinking Bout You” artist, who’s real name is Christopher Breaux, tried to legally change his name to his stage name back in March. However, his horrific driving record is making that impossible. Ocean received three tickets in the span of three months; one for expired insurance, driving without his headlights on and a speeding ticket for going 31 MPH over the legal limit. He missed numerous court dates for these driving offenses, so when he tried to hit the courts to change his name, the judge denied him alllllllllll the way. Getcho life, boo boo and pay those fines!

Lil Boosie Changes His Name

Lil Boosie is Lil Boosie no more. According to XXL, the newly-freed Louisiana rapper will now be going by his AKA, Boosie Badazz. He was first credited as such in the album liner notes of both T.I. and Jeezy’s new albums, and a label rep has confirmed the change is legit. Boosie’s highly anticipated comeback album Touch Down 2 Cause Hell had a few release dates since he got out of his prison bid this past spring, but it’s been pushed back multiple times with no new date set. This name change doesn’t seem like the most media-friendly name either. Whatever floats his boat!

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